my head

I'm having a hard time collecting my thoughts enough to decide what to write about today, so I'm just gonna write my thoughts.

Garage saling this morning was a total waste of time. I did find a dresser for Sid, but guess what, I wasn't looking for a dresser for Sid!

It will give her more room though, her other dresser is way to big.

Man, I ate too much pie.

Skate park was fun. Mason is getting pretty good. Even Boston is getting a lot better now that he skates more instead of blades.
too bad he doesn't like the blades he just spent all that money on.

I'm glad I'm done with baby shower stuff. It was fun and turned out pretty cute, but it's nice to be done. Hope Lisa liked it.

Dinner? I'll just ignore that.

Monique is a punk for sending me the text about everyone invited to her house tomorrow!

Wonder if Tom will keep commenting? Hope so.

My house is extremely messy. I'll get everyone working on it tomorrow. Cleaning goes by much faster with everyone helping. It always looks better too.

I think I'm gonna start the Twilight series again. I should read my book club book, but it doesn't look as good as Twilight.

that lady that borrowed our video camera made it totally stink like stale smoke. It's grossing me out.

President Faust died today. Very sad. I think it was today, maybe Tom sent that text earlier. Anyway, hope his family is all doing OK.

Hillsboro airshow was awesome today. I didn't actually go, but I could see it all from the skate park. The Blue Angels are crazy. If I wouldn't have seen the Jets, I would have thought the world was coming to an end. They were so loud!! I can't believe how fast they can go straight down. It made my stomache queezy just looking at them. Made me think of Bobby. Airplanes always do.

Wonder where Chris is. he should be home by now.

Can't wait to see the Bourne movie tonight. It looks good.

This is so dumb, not sure I'll really post it. I don't know what else to post so...


sheri said...

I laughed out loud about the pie. Mmmmm...pie.

I'm going to start the Twilight series over also. I wish you were here so we could start out own book club!

megan said...

sometimes I feel like just writing down the random thoughts too. I liked it

Darilyn said...

The baby shower was awesome. You did an incredible job like always. It felt good yesterday to NOT eat any pie.

KrisBo said...

how did you get a text for this and you dont even live here? i didnt get a text, i didnt even know she moved in DANG! anyways how are you?!?