What's the bright idea?

I would like you all to notice how nice Boston looks in his baseball uniform. Classic, crisp blue&white uniform. This was before the game actually started.

I would like you to now take a second look.

Why white? Answer me that will ya?
I ♥ stain stick!


8 more days of May

May has been a crazy filled month. Filled with lots of our kids activities. Last night was Sid's Spring dance recital. As always, it was so adorable. Thank you Miss Heidi! Everything was beautiful!

Here are my faves of Sid. She was super excited for her performance. I did not see any nerves or stage fright from her. I don't know if it was because she had done this before or if she was just too busy to even think about it. We had come straight from getting Bos and Mas to their activities and then Sid changed in the car after her recital so she could make it to her first softball practice. Fun day!

Butterfly dance.

Pirates of the Caribbean.

Sid and Heidi stretching out as flowers growing.


Mas face, Maseroni, Maser

Happy Birthday Mas! Mason turned ten today. I can't believe it. I thought he turned ten months ago. He seems so grown up. I think that is a second child trait. Anywho, here are some of my favorite things about Mason.

Mason has always been curious about how things are made and how things work. When Mason was three he came to me very excited because he figured out how Cheetos were made. He proudly announced to me that " first, you take some crunch." Sorry, I don't remember the rest of the steps because I started laughing too hard about the "crunch". It was so dang cute. Maybe just to me, but, oh well. Over the years that curiosity has turned to countless piles of deconstructed appliances and who knows what else hidden under his bed.

Mason is hilarious and constantly keeps our family laughing. I love that Boston thinks his little brother is the funniest person on the planet.

Mason is very eager to do his own school work and get it done before it is actually due. I really appreciate that one.

Mason really wants to learn how to sew. You should have seen his eyebrows popping when I got a sewing machine for Mother's Day.

Mason loves to be outside. Skating, playing team sports, camping, biking, building, whatever, he just wants to be out and doing something.

Mason loves to play guitar. He is playing Another Brick In The Wall with some friends for their school talent show. They have named their band The Pink Yetis, or something like that.

Mason picks fabulous friends.

Mason loves hugs and is very affectionate. This one has taken some time for me to get used to. I'm not a huggy gal.

Mason loves hanging out with all his family. ( ok, except maybe Sid, but I'm sure they will grow on each other someday)

Mason has the best facial expressions ever. I think he is super handsome but, boy can he make himself look goofy!

Happy Birthday Bubba! I love your big fat guts!


A few of my favorites

Nat, Monique, Emily, Me, Megan, Mom, Elise, Shanda
I've been staring at this photo for awhile now.  This ranks high up there on my important photos chart.  

There are a million things I want to say about it and some things I don't so forgive the lack of detail. I'll just say this Mother's Day it makes me happy.


Parent Day

Long lunch lines
spastic boys
multiplication quizzes
slideshow presentations
Whale poetry

That is what my day looked like today. I actually voluntarily chose this. What was I thinking?

I did it all for Boston. I know he loves( or tries to torture) me because he asked if I would meet him at school for Bring Your Parents to School Day. I met him for lunch and then stayed for a few classes. The list above are the highlights. I now remember why I never liked school. Don't tell Boss. I told him it was fun. Actually it was fun to watch him and see how he interacts at school. It was awesome to see how eager he is to participate in class. He was definitely a little pesky with his me firsts and I'll do its with his hand bobbling in the air.

In art we got to draw portraits of each other. Doesn't that look just like him?


What is my problem? Seriously?

This is the series of group photos we took at Sid's baptism. Do you notice anything odd?

That's right. There's NO Sid. We went through the entire photo session without her. What kind of mother am I?

Luckily I got lots of photos of her before the baptism. It will be a good story in the future right? Please don't mention it to her though. I haven't had the heart to tell her yet. Thanks to everyone who came to support her. It really meant a ton to her and to our family, and just know that I take great solace in the fact that none of you noticed she wasn't in the group photo session either!