I'm allergic to the telephone

Ok. to all my amazingly cool, hilariously funny, super hip, chandler friends and fam. Are any of you planning on going to Matta's tomorrow night? It would be a blast to meet up but I have been reading about an awful lot of sickies lately. So will you all just leave me a little comment to let me know what you are planning, so if it doesn't work out, I can spend my time with this little, cuddly soft, peach fuzzy, cutest human on earth!
Instead of eating tacos alone.


Primary Rocks

I had just gotten home from a grueling afternoon of lunch with friends and an eyebrow wax.  I left the kids home alone.  By the time I got home I was a bit irritated at the 7 calls I had had from them asking how long until I would be home.  I finally arrived home and started barking out orders for them to clean up their messes.  There were a few dishes here and there and shoes all over the floor.  Nothing Major, but I was still just a little crabby. Then I walked upstairs to find this.Sidney had folded the laundry I had left on the bed. Leaving behind the service star she had gotten at primary last Sunday. Thank you to the primary presidency for helping me teach my children to serve others. Thanks to Sid for softening my very hard heart and for folding my laundry even though she had to touch the boys underwear which she informed me was very very gross!


Merry Christmas


One more to go

With only one day left before Christmas, I am having a minor ummm... problem. I'm not filled with the Christmas spirit! I'm not feeling all cheerful and gay! I'm not singing Christmas carols at the top of my lungs! ( in fact they are all kind of giving me a headache ). I think I've tried all the spirit infusing tricks. I've read Luke and John with the family. I've made cookies and lots of them. I've gone cover to cover of the December Friend and Ensign. We drove around and looked at beautiful Christmas lights. I got to drive through (as a passenger) an amazingly gorgeous snow storm. I went to and enjoyed our Christmas program at church today. I even set up dinner by the Christmas tree tonight and had everyone share their favorite Christmas memories. It still did not work. I'm not feeling scroogy or too caught up in the commercial aspect. I'm just not feeling it. Or feeling anything for that matter! Any ideas? I'm serious! What can I do? I only have one more day to go!


sweet nothings (please not in my ear)

I have very sensitive ears. I don't like any breathing near them, but that is an entirely different story.

I am about ready to skip Christmas all together. I'm loving the holidays. Don't you worry! It's just that Megan, my youngest sister, just had her first baby. I can't wait to see him. I have a visit to AZ booked on the 28th( his due date ), but now that is not soon enough. I would appreciate it if the world could just quickly fast forward to the 28th. I know, Christmas is all good too. I'm just very impatient ( ask my children ). This is Megan and Reuben. The proud new parents of
Catcher Milo Craghead. 9 lbs, 15 oz, 22.5 inches! Can you believe that? For a first baby? Ouch! Everyones doing awesome, even without me there!

The very, very exciting things that I was busy with in my ever so controversial previous post were; (is that the right punctuation?)

VT Luncheon. Very fun, but at my house, which means there was lots of cleaning to be done.
Girls night at Bridget's house. Hilarious! We did get some very important topics discussed. (Twilight, Blogging, breast feeding in public)
Book Club dinner. Also at my house, which means more cleaning and much more decorating. Super fun!
Chris's birthday dinner with Aunt Sharon. Very nice. Not at my house. Hallelujah! Thank you Sharon!
Teacher presents. Shortbread in pretty packages.
Running a million errands. I did not grab any sphere shaped snacks this time.
Planning Christmas dinner. It's at my house! Crap! Just teasing, I can't wait!

I know everyone has been this busy. It's part of the season. I hope this didn't sound whiny because I really do love it all.


I've been busy, busy, busy! Having lots of fun and I can't think of anything to post anyway, Sorry.


alone, alone, alone, alone

Chris took the kids night skiing tonight. I'm home alone. It is a bit odd, but I must admit I'm enjoying it. I did a little laundry. I had a cookie and a piece of fudge for dinner. I just got back from seeing an adorable movie, all by myself. I haven't gone to the movies by myself in years. I forgot how much love it. I can completely sink into the story. There is no one to notice if you are crying. No one to keep making silly little comments to, and no one making silly little comments. Best of all, now I can guiltlessly blog until my family gets home
ps. The movie I saw was Bella. I'm not posting a clip because it gives too much away. Go see it though, it's good!


You know when you are walking out the door in the morning and you have a million things in your hands because you have a billion errands to run?
Well, that was me yesterday morning.
As I was walking out I realized I hadn't eaten anything yet so, I decided to grab an orange from the fridge and just put it on top of my daily handful o' stuff.
Unfortunately I grabbed the wrong Blasted Orange!
I swear he had it out for me.
He jumped right off the top of the pile and started running around my house.
I thought I had him cornered by the dinning table, but no, he kept on getting away.
Of course, I started clumsily dropping all my million other things.
I even caught myself talking to the blasted orange "Oh, you think your tricky do you? Fine I give up."
By the time I arrived home he had disappeared.
but I have a message for all his little sphere friends!


Sid had her first dance recital ever last night! The performance was so adorable! A huge thank you goes out to Miss Heidi! My eyes started misting a little. I was just so happy that Sid got to be involved this. Sometimes she gets put on the back burner, while the boys take center stage(boy, I love lame expressions!)


Dinner last night

Every year for our Christmas enrichment night they ask people to volunteer to decorate a table. I always Volunteer! I love having the opportunity to get creative ( and fine I'll admit it, I enjoy the large audience. Is that so bad?) This was my 3rd year and each year the table decor has gotten progressively mmm... stranger! I wish I had pics of the first two years. I told Megs I would post some pictures this year. Let me just say, I felt really stupid taking photos of my own table at the party so I didn't get the best shots, but I too wanted proof of its wackiness. I was a bit nervous for the reaction and feedback. In fact I forced Darilyn to come with me. If everyone else hated it, I knew I would have one person there to love me. I ended up loving the way it turned out! I don't really think the pics do justice, but at least you get the idea.

The cupcakes were frosted with a pale blue meringue ( you can't really tell in the picture), and the deer heads were a great conversation piece!


Christmas tree farm

Some of you know I live in a bit of a fantasy world. My fantasy this December day looked something like this ... Gather the family all together( we are all dressed very stylishly ), then jump into the car gleefully and excitedly looking forward to chopping down our most beautiful Christmas tree ever. Of course, we are all laughing and drinking our perfectly hot hot chocolate.

Now if we could just erase the kids and the husband from this reality, I might have actually come pretty close to the fantasy (minus the stylish dress and the hot chocolate). The Farm was gorgeous, their trees were perfect. Lots of tall skinny nobles. My favorite! They had a fire roaring outside of their rustic barn. Miles and miles of open fields misted over with light rain. I got to frolic in the mud (that is a good thing) searching for my fantasy tree. Once I found my tree, we loaded it in the back of Chris's candy red truck.

Now, fast forward to me giving the " you really need to appreciate, don't be such whiny, spoily brats, you'll look back on this some day" speech as we drove home! All the kids sulking as we walked inside the house. "Boy Mom, that sure was a lot of fun, thanks."

The amazing tree is now up in our family room waiting for me to.... gather the family(stylishly dressed) around its branches and adorn them with all of our delicate ornaments. We will sing Christmas Carols, drink our homemade wassail, and dance, until the children lay down their sleepy heads with dreamy smiles lingering.

I really think these pics say it all.


And the winner is....

Congrats to Sheri, a very deserving winner! You have have won the New Year's Eve crap(I mean wonderful stuff). I can ship to you or bring it down with me late December. Let me know which you would prefer. Yay for Sheri!