Woes of a slacker

Today was crazy! Not because I had a lot of things to do, but because I had a few things to do, that I should have been prepared for long before today. Mainly school supply shopping. I think it is a bit different in OR than AZ. If I remember correctly you don't have to buy everything in AZ. Well tonight was the night to drop off all the billions of supplies at school. Of course I did not realize this until this morning.( slacker mom #1). So we drove all around town trying to get everything on our list but because we waited so long all the stores were out of everything.(slacker mom #2). And these are some serious lists. I'm not talking paper and pencils here! After spending $150.00 on probably 3/4 of the kids school supplies, I called it quits for the day. They can take the rest in on Tuesday. The first day of school. AAGGHH!!

PS, On a good note we did receive Boston's middle school schedule in the mail today. The packet I was supposed to pick up last Wednesday. (slacker mom #3).


Merilee's Movie review ( good thing my name starts with M)

Becoming Jane... It just made me want to get home to watch a real Jane Austen Movie. Of course the scenery and costumes were beautiful. Not my favorite! Maybe see it again.

The Bourne Ultimatum... Good action movie, who doesn't love a guy who can do everything? Not a big Julia Stiles fan, but really like her in the Bournes. I'm sure I'll see it replayed over and over on cable, just like the others.

The Nanny Diaries...MMMM? This one was OK for one of those totally predictable romantic comedy movies. Really, I think Scarlet Johansen just did a good job. That sort of saved the whole thing. Won't see it again

Stardust... Except for Clare Danes horrible star costume and the dumb dead guys, I loved this movie. I havn't been a big sci fi fantasy fan since I was about 10, but this is a good one. I loved Robert De Niro and Ricky Gervais. Plus Michelle pfeiffer looks seriously hideous. That's gotta make you happy for a second. I'd see this again for sure.

There isn't much to choose from right now. I'm looking forward to August Rush and Across the Universe.


He hates to go shoeless!

And that is where the similarities between Mason and Chris Cameron end. Mason is carbon copy Bogle (my maiden name). One afternoon after church Mason walked in the room doing his Ty (my little brother) impression. My jaw seriously dropped! He looked and moved exactly like him. Still dressed in church clothes, shirt unbuttoned, belt unbuckled, leaning on one hip and back at the same time. staring at me like " I rock". I know everyone that knows Ty can picture it. It was just a little unsettling. He also has all the interests of a Bogle boy. Skateboarding, music, playing guitar, shoes, being weird. Needless to say I love having one of the Bogle fam always around. Although he does get a little silly sometimes (maybe that's another one from Chris). I'm definitely gonna have to keep my eye on this kid. Here are a few of my favorite pics of Mason Bogle Cameron. He was very appropriately named.


Darling or Devil?

She'll offer the sweetest prayer you've ever heard, right before she kicks her brother!(hard)
She'll help me make dinner, but she sure wont eat it!
She'll take her laundry to put it away, I'll find it shoved under her bed days later!
She wins awards for being kind at school, but hand-on-hip bosses her older brothers all day long!
She'll hear me calling "time to come in", then run like hell in the opposite direction!

Gotta love ya Bean!


The long version

About a year ago I helped my friend Ally with a home decor sale that she held in her beautiful side yard.

Ally has fabulous taste. I loved everything she had and her yard looked amazing.

There was one thing I put my claim on right away. She wanted to keep it around for her sale because it was beautifully placed in her arrangement.

No problem. Well time went on, and I didn't think much of the object. I knew I would buy it from her at some point. Whenever we were both ready.

After a while I started getting a little anxious, but Ally was going through some stuff so I didn't see her much.

Chris works with Ally's husband Trevor.

So for our anniversery Chris decides to secretly get the object for me. This proves to be harder than he imagined.

After several discussions with Trevor and a few e-mails to Ally and things not looking good Chris figures it's just not happening.

Then the morning of 18th( our anniversery) Chris gets the OK from Ally! He brings it home to me, and after many screams of joy and a trip to Lowes, it is hanging in my dinning room.

I love it, love, love ,love it!!!

Thank you Chris!


He is the rhythm and the rhyme to me.I realize I look goofy here, but I am sacrificing for the gorgeousness of my husband.
One not so ordinary night, there sat two men on a miniature davenport. One fellow enormous. Very tall and very plump. He wore figure-hugging jeans and a wide brimmed ranchers hat. He looked friendly and confident in the room, though I had never seen him there before. The other fellow was a peculiar sort. He, was also quite tall, but was incredibly lean. He was somewhat withdrawn and awkward. Yet, the way he peered out into the crowd, made me sense a dark introspective side. I wondered how this unlikely duo came together. Then as the waif became more uneasy I realized that they were not a pair, but merely thrown together by circumstance. They were strangers to each other, just as they were strangers to me.
The room was scattered with young sophisticated men and women, but you could feel the curiosity fill the crisp November air. The women were noticeably deciding if the two men were fetching enough to elicit an introduction. The men not quite fearing their current competition, but not willing to dismiss them all together.
After the evenings events, there were quick introductions made with the hollow-cheeked man. A request was made to meet again in the days following. The request was granted.
There was to be a large gathering of friends for laughter and sport. All of my favored friends and my most recent infatuations were in attendance, so I will admit my attention was turned away from the eager and highly competitive outsider. Over the next couple of weeks something strange began to take place. The newcomer became increasingly charming. I found myself wanting to listen in on his conversations, then going out of my way to arrange meetings I knew he would attend. Then to my surprise a young lady started accompanying him around town. This young lady was a true friend of mine, but at this time I rather wished she would disappear. Why you ask, would I be so cold hearted? Because I had fallen for the mysterious man with dark thoughtful eyes. I admired his physique, I was in awe of his manner, and started thoroughly appreciating his fashion. Clearly at this point my attraction wasn't much deeper than skin. Little did I know what was in store.
I had gained the knowledge that my new infatuation had a slight obsession with the big city, and planned on escaping to it that night. Unfortunately his usual companion was previously engaged, so he sought out a substitute. Naturally, yet bashfully I volunteered. By the time we arrived in the city it was quite late. It was a cool winter night and the city was aglow with holiday lights. It was beautiful and somehow euphoric. We strolled through the streets delighting in our labored exchange, but as the night went on the forced conversation turned fiery and flirtatious. Standing under the lights of the big city I was convinced I could never let him slip away.


Little Bos

My little Boston boy is growing up. I'm not ready for it. Today he went on his first overnight camping trip with scouts. Of all my kids Boston is the one I don't like being away from me overnight. I do trust him. He is a great kid. I think I am just freaking out a bit since he is getting so big. In three weeks he starts middle school. He is super excited and I'm excited for him too, but it is a little crazy. Just so you know I did not cry when he started kindergarten and I will not cry now. Boston is just such a sweet kid, I don't ever want to lose that.


So I'm easily amused...

I've had the total blahs all day and a massive headache at that. So lets just say i wasn't thrilled to be going to the grocery store at 8:30 pm. Oh, but I'm so glad I did! I'm dragging myself through the produce section when I spot it. A little new walker kind of bobbling down the aisle. His parents a few steps ahead. Not paying much attention. Out of nowhere the kid grabs a potato and takes a big ole bite. Very nonchalantly. He was just curious, but for some reason I can't find the energy to hold in the laughter, so the parents turn around to see their little guy putting the potato(with a big bite missing) back in the potato pile. Do they pick up the potato? No. Do they look and leave? Yes! Now, they saw me laughing. They know, that I know, that they know exactly what their kid just did, and they continued to walk on. It was all too quirky. I loved it!

I'm Sorry. I know this won't be funny in the morning.


Letter to Tomallama the Tamale boy

I've had a few things I've wanted to tell you for awhile now. So here goes. Don't you dare give up! Your family deserves better. You deserve better. You are the smartest person I have ever met, and then pair that with your crazy charisma and you should be unstoppable.( you scored Natalie didn't ya, we are all in awe) There has always just been something about you. Everyone wants to be with you. My favorite time living at the apartments was when you and Nat lived next door. I knew I could find you outside trapping gophers and was so glad I could.( and I'm still grateful you did not hang them on our tree) That meant you would stay out and talk awhile. Please don't let anything hold you back. Bogles have something holding us back. Well enough! You deserve more. I know you are struggling right now with your crappy job, so go change it. If anyone can do it, you can. It doesn't have to be your own business. There are lots of good jobs out there, but you decide how your life is going to be, just go for it. So tamale boy, I repeat, don't you dare give up already.
I know this is a super cheesy letter, but I just wanted to remind you that nothing will be given to you that you can't conquer.


Millions of peaches

This morning Allisha called with the fabulous idea of picking peaches. So I loaded my whiny kids in the car with a promise that it would be faster than picking berries due to the fact that peaches are at least ten times the size of raspberries. They weren't really buying it but they calmed down a bit. We arrived at the farm to see that everybody had the idea to pick peaches today. There was quite a crowd of VOP's( see former post- And the winner is... ). We walked out to the orchard and recieved our 1 minute "this is what a ripe peach looks like" lesson, and then started picking. It went by so fast that my kids didn't even have time to complain. I think they actually had fun. Especially when they discovered that peaches explode when they hit the ground with great force! We brought home a beautiful 25lbs of peaches. mmmmmm! When we left Mason felt it neccessary to let me know that " next time I'm thinking berries... I should be thinking peaches! I'll definately be thinking peaches as I peel and slice them this afternoon. Thanks for calling Alisha. It was fun!


on a scale of 1 to 10

how bad is it,

to buy a pie, throw out the fruit in the middle and eat the entire crust?

to pretty much never brush my hair?

to let my kids hammer on skate ramps all day long when the neighbor has already threatened to call the cops?

to still believe my kids are the best kids in the world?

to be somewhat addicted to blogging?

to occasionally want some hard liquer?

to mop the floor only for special events?

to play" who is the hottest person in our ward" with my husband?

to have a small crush on my Ipod?

to post this silliness?


We are headed off to Silverton for the Day to visit with Joyce and her fam. I wanted to post before I left so I could read all my comments when I got home, but I don't really have time to write my real post. So this is a free-for-all. Please leave a comment on any subject you would like. Thankyou!


my head

I'm having a hard time collecting my thoughts enough to decide what to write about today, so I'm just gonna write my thoughts.

Garage saling this morning was a total waste of time. I did find a dresser for Sid, but guess what, I wasn't looking for a dresser for Sid!

It will give her more room though, her other dresser is way to big.

Man, I ate too much pie.

Skate park was fun. Mason is getting pretty good. Even Boston is getting a lot better now that he skates more instead of blades.
too bad he doesn't like the blades he just spent all that money on.

I'm glad I'm done with baby shower stuff. It was fun and turned out pretty cute, but it's nice to be done. Hope Lisa liked it.

Dinner? I'll just ignore that.

Monique is a punk for sending me the text about everyone invited to her house tomorrow!

Wonder if Tom will keep commenting? Hope so.

My house is extremely messy. I'll get everyone working on it tomorrow. Cleaning goes by much faster with everyone helping. It always looks better too.

I think I'm gonna start the Twilight series again. I should read my book club book, but it doesn't look as good as Twilight.

that lady that borrowed our video camera made it totally stink like stale smoke. It's grossing me out.

President Faust died today. Very sad. I think it was today, maybe Tom sent that text earlier. Anyway, hope his family is all doing OK.

Hillsboro airshow was awesome today. I didn't actually go, but I could see it all from the skate park. The Blue Angels are crazy. If I wouldn't have seen the Jets, I would have thought the world was coming to an end. They were so loud!! I can't believe how fast they can go straight down. It made my stomache queezy just looking at them. Made me think of Bobby. Airplanes always do.

Wonder where Chris is. he should be home by now.

Can't wait to see the Bourne movie tonight. It looks good.

This is so dumb, not sure I'll really post it. I don't know what else to post so...


I'm done and angry.

I finished Eclipse yesterday at about 7:00pm. I have been very irritated ever since.(too irritated to post). Not with the book. I loved the book. I ate up every bit of it. I think it is my favorite so far. I am upset that I am done. That sounds really dumb, I know, but I was enjoing the book so much, I guess i didn't ever want to finish. (I've warned you before that I have a little trouble living in reality land). So after reading all day long and ignoring my children and the house that was quickly getting messier and messier, I was a total grump. I'm gonna have to make up some points with my kids. Luckily, I had cooled off a little before Chris got home at 11:00. Besides who could be snippy with their husband after reading Eclipse all day? Hoping today I will be satisfied with my mythical creature free life!



I totally got suckered into taking the boys to the skate park today. At about 12:20 pm all 5 of these boys come running upstairs to the computer (where I was sitting of course) and say in unison "Will you take us to the skate park? Plleeeaaassseee?! It was just too funny. I couldn't say no. Their plan had worked perfectly! So today we spent about 4 hours at 2 different skate parks. Where are the cool skate pictures you ask! There aren't any because I picked up my copy of Eclipse bright and early this morning. So they skated. I read. It was a beautiful arrangement.


Run, don't walk

Saturday night, to defuse some of my ever growing twang, I went to another concert. This is funny I just now realized i went with Chris and Katie, and Chris and Catie. Can everyone stop naming their children Chris or Katie. The quota is filled!

Anyway we went to see The Format. Now, I have really liked this band for a while ( thanks Chrispy and Ty ), but now I love them even more. Everyone who reads this needs to somehow get a hold of this music. Learn every lyric and then go see the show!! These guys were so much fun!! The show was held at the Hawthorne Theater. A very small venue, which is the best kind. The band is new enough that they are still in awe that the crowd sings along, and they just feed off the enthusiasm. Plus, they are from Phoenix!!! No wonder they rock! I feel a little like a traitor saying this (not sure why), but this show kicked Dierks Bentley's behind! I think I'll always love the up and comers!

Super fun weekend!! Two concerts, that doesn't happen very often these days. Now, I need to go find a screwdriver so I can put the chair I've been bouncing on back together again. Yes, I bounce a lot when I'm excited.


And the winner is.....

First things first. Click on Free and Easy in the music player before reading this post. It will make this much more enjoyable.

Well, since Elise is really the only one that guessed, and she did so correctly, she is the winner! Yay Elise! Of course, you don't really win anything but, Nice job!!

Last Friday Darilyn and I headed down to Sweet Home OR for the Oregon Jamboree. A big country music festival. Really we just wanted to see Dierks Bentley again (3rd time now). I had a great time! The concert was actually kind of weird because no one would stand up and dance, and the house rule is majority rule, so if most people are sitting then everyone must sit. Well Darilyn is a total rule breaker, so as soon as security would make us sit we would just find another place to stand and dance. I'm sorry I just can't sit at rockin concerts. It goes against everything I believe in! Also the front section of about 50 rows was the VIP section which really should be VOP ( which stands for... VERY OLD PEOPLE). It was definately the 65 and older section. That was all wrong. They should be the ones sitting in the back. Despite all the weirdness we had a blast!!

So most of you know, that back in the day I was a concert going fool. Pretty much every weekend someone was playing. Right Elise? Well, you have to stay and try to meet the artist. That is just what you do. Sometimes that is harder than others. But Darilyn and I had a goal. We were going to get a picture with Dierks Bentley. Goal accomplished!! ( if there is one thing you learn in young womens, it is to follow through with your goals) Well, our laurel leaders would be proud!! We had to be a little sneaky, but hey they left the back gate open. So we snuck in and had our 45 second conversation,( I'm not sure why but Dierks was not quite as excited to see us as we were to see him) snapped a few pictures with my flash not working and left. We had an awesome night!!!


Guess Who?

That's me on the left and Darilyn on the right. Who do you think is in the middle? Here are some clues.
1. he is male
2. he always wears black
3. he has a scratchy voice( which I love )
4. We are standing by his tour bus!!!

Woohoo, my lack of photography skills has turned into a fun little game.

PS. if you already know because I told you what I was doing, don't guess!


What's for dinner? EEEeeewwWW!

The one thing(ya right, one thing) that makes me think I was not cut out for parenthood is DINNER! I actually like to cook, I just don't like to cook for my family. If I have a dinner party or something fun to cook for, I really love it. But dinner every night? Is cereal OK? Maybe it is the eeeww reaction that turns me off. When I do cook I try to cook healthy, yummy meals. I get the eeewww, not just from my children either. My husband(who shall remain nameless) (Laugh break sorry, sometimes I crack myself up) is the worst of all of them. Lately, he has been trying to save our marriage by just saying he's not hungry. But who does he think he's foolin? At least Chrispy likes my food. I like my food! So there's that.
Then, there is also the grocery shopping aspect of it all. Let's just say if I'm going shopping, I don't really want to be buying food. So I always put it off until our fridge is completely empty( except for mustard and salad dressing of course). I know, I need to plan. Well, have you met me? I don't plan! Yesterday we went to New Seasons for dinner. It is the most beautiful grocery store in the world, but when we got there I just could not spend $6 each for sandwiches for my kids. They wanted white bread, ham, and cheese. We actually had that in our empty fridge. (whole wheat bread though). So I ordered some wonderful stir-fry and drove home to make sands for the kids. They were not happy. I wasn't really happpy either. Tonight, I made myself go to the GS and pick up food for dinner( just one night) and I am making potato and corn chowder. All from scratch, corn cut off the cob, organic skim milk, beautiful yukon gold potatoes, leeks, procuttio, and all that good stuff. I have already gotten a couple of eeeewwww's. Maybe it's just that I am too stubborn to cook what they want( frozen corndogs and top ramen). My nameless huband's favorites are manwich and hamburger helper! Can someone please hamburger help me!!!!

Sorry for the little rant. I still love my life and all!!!