Yeah, I'm doing just fine

Things have been going well. I've been crazy busy, but good busy. Fulfilling busy, If you know what I mean. As I'm getting older I'm noticing I tend to stress a tad more than before. So i'll admit there has been a bit of stress.

BUT, guess what. Things are going alright. ( I mean that in a content way not a sarcastic way, just so you know.)
You want to know how I know that things are gonna get even better?

Well I'll tell ya...
These past few days, all, and I do mean all, my screw on lids have screwed on perfectly! My peanut butter, my body scrub, my olive oil, my sunscreen, everything. Isn't that fantastic? That never happens. Does it?



So I hear Logan has a really good skatepark.

And some sweet mountains.

I'm about 95% percent sure I'm gonna move there.
There is tons more to write on this subject but I'm super busy packing and cleaning up my house.


Happy First Day Of School

Boston was rubbing it in last night. He got to sleep in and Mas & Sid had to get up early. Just as I suspected, he did not sleep in. He was really excited for school to start this year. That still amazes me! He hated school until 5th grade.

Mason awoke early this morning. He is our household alarm. Always the first one up. He was not looking forward to school this year so I was pleasantly surprised when he announced " I'm kind of nervous and happy. I think I have pre-game jitters". I told him I always felt that way too.

Sid was up early. Thank Heavens! She's a sleeper. She was all smiles this morning and she even let me do her hair.

Now I have a whole day ahead of me. Hmmm. How should I fill it?