Good day, no pics.

I got to go with Mason's class to the children's theater today. They were performing Gossamer. I wasn't in love with the play but I loved being at the play. I can sit through any old crappy performance. That includes all types of entertainment. Unless it is crude. Hate that.
Anyway, it was fun to see what the kids reacted to.

I also got to visit the apple and the nut farm today. Have I mentioned how much I love the farms in Oregon? Oh, and bonus, Mason and Sid actually wanted to come with. Bos was still at school.

This is Mason at the apple barn last spring. How's that for tying in a photo?


sentimental heart

I drug my children to the pumpkin patch a couple weeks ago. The boys are too cool for school now so they don't want to do anything baby-ish like pumpkin patches, you follow? They should just trust me. I know how to show the kiddos a good time.

While at the patch they talked me into (that's what I tell people anyway) getting a slightly larger pumpkin than we usually get. I was thinking at the time that it was going to be our last Halloween in Oregon so it would be okay to get a little carried away in the spirit of Fall. I still feel that is perfectly reasonable. Forklift Shmorklift! It was 181 lbs of nothin'.

We had fun emptying the guts out yesterday. side note, notice Boston and Chris are not around they claim to gag on anything slimy. Suckers.

I'll post final carving stage in a few days.


This Just In

And by "this" I mean very relieving, long time prayed for and stressed over, and short time fasted for news.

The Cameron family will be staying in Oregon for another 18 months. You never know what will happen but I'm putting this out there anyway. 18 Months Tops!

You'd think I would have learned my lesson.

Chris and I have been praying and such trying to figure exactly what is right for our fam. I was already emotionally living in Logan and having a bit of trouble seeing that that was meant for later.

My final answer came today and I'm so relieved it did. Now I can say with clarity....

Chris put in two years of his time going to school to better provide for his family, now it is my turn. Luckily I'm a Woman and only have to put in 18 Months.

Wish me luck getting through the gray days.