Boston is the hippest kid in Hipville.

Boston was ordained a deacon today. It was so cool to see Bos take such a big step in his life. Weird. I'm having kind of a hard time trying to describe why this was so cool to me. I guess I'm just glad he thinks this is something important and worthwhile. He was really looking forward to this. He really got into working on his Faith in God and preparing to receive the priesthood. Also along with turning twelve came his first time at mutual and tonight he went to his first fireside. I have a lot of mixed feelings thinking back on those times in my life but one thing I can't help but remember is how much my testimony grew. I'm really excited for Boston to experience everything that comes with being in the young mens program and believe you me he is too.

I of course forgot my camera today so here are some silly face shots of B man. He really is in his zone while playing catch. Click on the pic to get the full experience.


forgive and forget

One of the things I love most about my family is how great of friends my boys are. They definitely have their moments though. This was pretty much cracking me up today.

Mason walks in the house. He kind of slams the door and is yelling out at the same time " I'm gonna do whatever I want!" He was talking to Boston who was just outside that door.

A couple seconds later Boston walks in the house.
Mason says to Boston " Hey, you want to go play basketball."
Boston answers "I thought you said you weren't going to play with me anymore."
Mason adds "I only meant for the next ten seconds."

Then they both ran upstairs to play ball.



So this is my fave, The Format. I found out a few weeks ago that they decided to stop making records. No, I did not cry for hours and I did not post a comment on their myspace and I did not fold up the posters on my walls and tuck them solemnly away, but it is a big fat bummer! I love this performance. I think I just want to BE either one of those dudes with their crazy talent and messy hair even though they do cheat and use seen and been as rhyming words.

And five bucks to whoever can tell me what kind of shoes the singer is wearing. No, no wait just one buck.

Brian thanks for the help. I actually tried that a million times with no results. Then Chris came to my $#@%$# rescue with one touch of the keys.