The long version

About a year ago I helped my friend Ally with a home decor sale that she held in her beautiful side yard.

Ally has fabulous taste. I loved everything she had and her yard looked amazing.

There was one thing I put my claim on right away. She wanted to keep it around for her sale because it was beautifully placed in her arrangement.

No problem. Well time went on, and I didn't think much of the object. I knew I would buy it from her at some point. Whenever we were both ready.

After a while I started getting a little anxious, but Ally was going through some stuff so I didn't see her much.

Chris works with Ally's husband Trevor.

So for our anniversery Chris decides to secretly get the object for me. This proves to be harder than he imagined.

After several discussions with Trevor and a few e-mails to Ally and things not looking good Chris figures it's just not happening.

Then the morning of 18th( our anniversery) Chris gets the OK from Ally! He brings it home to me, and after many screams of joy and a trip to Lowes, it is hanging in my dinning room.

I love it, love, love ,love it!!!

Thank you Chris!


ducklips said...

I love it and I am very impressed w/ Chris going to such trouble.

I'm so glad you guys had a great anniversary.

Darilyn said...

It looks great. Good job Chris! It goes with your decor perfectly.

jaust.me said...

Awesome! So cute!

Jodi said...

What a sweetheart! Ya gotta love when your man goes to that much trouble to get you the perfect gift!

megan said...

ooh you got new lighting over your table. I know how much you hated what was there before! It looks great!

Chris said...

I am glad you like it honey. Hope you had a great day. Thanks for everything, I love you!

Emily said...