Stud Muffin

Mason has officially been asked out. As in "Will you be my boyfriend?". The girl called him on the phone to ask "the question" and you should have seen Mason's face. Luckily Chris was home because I was no help at all. While I was in a fit of laughter (Mason giving me the what the heck should I do face) Chris stepped in to let Mason off the hook. He calmly told Mason to tell the girl that they could be friends but he was not allowed to have a girlfriend. This news was music to Mason's ears. Mason calmly repeated what his dad had said (verbatim) and then hung up the phone. Poor Mas was so embarrassed, and I quietly chuckled for the rest of the day.


Torn Tree

This is one of my favorite family photos. Unfortunately it's only half of my family. The last four were not born yet and obviously my parents are not in the shot. Can you guess which one is me?
I'll give you a hint. I'm NOT the dark one on the left!


Boring Snoring

Please raise your hand if you and yours use a towel more than one time before it gets thrown in the laundry. I wash towels way too often. I need some answers. Is it really necessary to wash each time or could we use them say maybe twice?

My next line of business. Do any of you have any Michaels coupons? I need a bunch for the wedding reception I'm helping with.


I love my mountain man

It's so nice to finally have Chris home. I feel very blessed to have him in my life.
Plus he brought gifts!! Sorry, I have a very hard time being serious.


Thanks Joyce!

Joyce sent us a coconut from her recent trip to Hawaii. The boys had such a blast opening the thing. It took for.ev.er, but they were having fun so who cares. Plus they got to use a pocket knife!! It doesn't get any better than that for these two.

Sid (donning her baseball helmet for protection) gave it a try too. She didn't last very long.

After about an hour we got it open only to find a rotten coconut! While the kids were sad there was no milk to drink, they were still fascinated by it all.



What does that word mean to you?
Today I was lucky enough to have a discussion on the subject with some amazing women.
I was asked what my definition of fulfillment is. I don't think I have ever really thought about it.
I am constantly trying to reach something I have never fully defined. Um, Hello?
I think it is a very individual thing. So I'm curious. What is your definition of fulfillment?


Boston braggy time

Sorry, I must shamelessly brag about Boston again. First, he is student of the month at Mountain View Middle School this month. I'm very grateful I have such a responsible kid(he gets it from his dad). "He constantly helps his peers, helps his teachers and always puts forth 110% in his effort and work." That is a quote from his teacher. Good job Bos man!
Second, when I dropped him off at scouts tonight he ran up and held the door for the two women walking into the building. I am very impressed with the little gentleman he has become. OK, that's enough bragging for now.

This is the exact look he would be giving me if he knew I wrote this. Annoyed but secretly pleased.


Weekends rule!

So some of you know Chris left for Jackson Hole today. He must have been feeling a little guilty for bailing during Valentines day because he planned a whopper of a date night before he left.
Friday night our awesome niece Catie watched our kids for us. I found this on the computer today. Too funny!

Chris and I headed off for massages(hot rocks and everything) at Aequis. I'm kind of gagging on their website but it was a really cool experience! My senses feel very awakened! I'll admit I was nervous because the only available massage therapist was a man (Chris refused), but it was amazingly relaxing as long as I kept my eyes closed.
Then we went for a late dinner at Le Pigeon(read in your best french). Do not check this site unless you have delicious food near you because you will definitely want to eat! It was sooooooo good. They serve my new #1 salad in Portland. We sat next to some very nice people. It was a dang good thing too because the seating is family table style. Oh so cozy.
Do I know how to pick 'em (husbands) or what? Thanks Chris!

Today was super busy and super fun.
Here's the run down...
*10 am Birthday breakfast for Katie (Portland). This photo is from Christmas cause I forgot to grab my camera.

I'm bummed cause Katie looked super cute this morning. Happy Birthday Katie!

*1 pm Mason's basketball game (Aloha). What do you call that move Mas?

*3 pm Lincoln's 1st birthday party (Silverton boonies). I love his little toes!

*When we left that party I dropped Chris off at Trevor's place (back to Portland) and they were off. The kids and I watched a silly movie I can't remember the name of and now I plan on blogging the night away. (actually I already have)