Road Trip

We just got back from our Seattle trip. Since we decided to scrap our East Coast trip we thought we would take the kids to see the Red Sox play when they came to Seattle. It was really cool to see the game. All 12 innings! We certainly got our money's worth. We were all rooting for the Sox but I tell you what, it was awesome watching Ichiro (Mariner's player for you non-baseballers) play. We sat center field and were so close to where Ichiro caught a home run ball over the fence. It looks so easy on TV, not so much in real life. We also got to see the left fielder( I think it was J.D. Drew) for the Sox totally dominate. He could have played the entire field. Actually, I think he did. OK sorry, that's enough baseball.

The following day we hit the Explore Music Project. It's a super cool music museum. Jimmy Hendrix history is a big part of it all and we could not tear Mason away. I knew he was a classic rock fan but sheesh. He could have stayed in the J. H. video room all day.

Right outside the museum are some carnival rides. An insider told us that this was probably the last year they would remain so we took full advantage. That rocking viking ship is a doosy!

After we made it back to the hotel,

took these

swimming. While I attempted to go shopping. I eventually found the store I was looking for but I only had time for that one. And I'm not telling what store because they have very limited clearance and I want it all.

We had a great trip. Luckily Chris knows a family of locals that were cool enough to hang out with us and tell us about all the hip stuff to do. Thanks guys!


Hey Everybody....

I got a new car!!

Chris has been looking at cars for awhile. Let's just say I was bored with every little car detail (sorry Chris) until we decided to buy an old car and fix it up. So here is my new baby. A 1970 Jeep Wagoneer. What do ya think?


I have a ton of fun things to blog about but I haven't been in the writing mood lately. I don't want to be like the ungrateful lepers though so I'll write. I'm just warning you now it wont be witty.

When my brother Tom and his family came to visit us a couple weeks ago we went to the Children's Museum. It was really fun. Even my kids who usually claim "too old" for this kind of thing had a great time. Really, I think Tom might have had the most fun. He was way into everything. The little guy is Karsten. He obviously is just the most photogenic of us all. We really were all there though.

This is Brecken in the fountain in the Pearl District. I love this photo and I love this fountain. So fun.

front row. Chris, Mason, Me, Boston, Chrispy, Natalie, Brecken(chewing on frog head), Megan, Catcher(wishing he was chewing on frog head), Reuben
Back row. Tom, Karsten, Katie, Sid

These last two are from fourth of July at Cannon Beach. Wait I mean Short Sands. Oh no, it was Seaside. Hold on, I remember it was really Gearhart. Oh yeah we were at all of them because we are so lame and never make real plans. The group photo is all the group in Canon. I think we were all together for.... about long enough to take the photo. Then we scrammed.
We lit off fireworks (thanks to Tom who was the only one willing to drive to Washington for the stash) on the beach at Gearhart it was beautiful but too cold for the pansy AZ folk. I love the 4th on the beach. I don't think it can get any better. I even loved getting both our minivans stuck in the sand when we tried to leave. Thank you to all the incredibly annoying (I'm mean helpful) drunk people that helped us get unstuck. And just so you know we did have more powerful fireworks than the little boat guy pictured above. He was just the best photo.

This is Mason being incredibly pouty at my favorite lunch spot in the country. (by country, I mean the outskirts of town not the USA). I call it The South Store. I'm not sure if that is the real name or not. Mason swears he hates that place. After refusing to order anything he ate half of my food and more. I'm sure he'd say it was disgusting. I'm pretty sure I noticed his gag reflex kick in with every bite of deliciousness. Any who, I love this photo of him. When Mason is his normal goofball self he will not let me get photos of him. He always sticks out his tongue or does the biggest, cheesiest grin possible. Today since he was mad he didn't care to make the goofy face. I guess he sure showed me.


It's all over

Baseball season is officially over for the Cameron family. I love baseball season. I love watching my boys put there hearts into the game every night. (Seriously every night). I love cheering their teams on. I love hanging out with all the other spastic parents. I love sunflower seeds. Dill pickle flavor is by far the best! I love the car ride home with the boys hearing all about every single play. I just love baseball.

Now let me say, I'm so glad we are done. I'm ready to eat dinner at the table again. I'm ready to not be loading the car full of crap every evening. I'm ready for my boys to have some free time. And I'm ready just to chill on my porch in this gorgeous Oregon weather.

To all things opposition and balance in all things.



Here is something to keep you busy while I'm away just a bit longer. Tell me what you see.
No, seriously. Enlarge the photo and tell me what you see in the tiles.