Is anyone else feeling it?

I feel like all this snow is a big fat mini test (Does that makes sense?). A test to see how well we are prepared for an emergency. From this crazy snow storm I have learned...

I need to stalk up on pillar candles. Our electricity has been off twice now. Not for long periods of time. Nothing serious, but enough to let me know I need more light.

I need D batteries for my fireplace.

Our ward is awesome. I can't tell you how many calls we've had making sure we were all good.

I'm thankful for a tough truck. Very handy.

Cell phones rule as long as they are charged. Thank goodness for car chargers.

Pray more often.

Read scriptures more often.

I love my stinking kids to death. An extra week of no school will certainly put that to test. I loved it.

Do not do last minute Christmas shopping online. Shipping is not guaranteed during a snow storm.

Food storage. Food storage. Food storage.

I like snow better than rain!

Sid beating Boston down the hill. I guess it was a tad flat for the board. So Boston says anyway.