The Northwest rules!

This past week our family has lived like spoiled little boogers. Except for some scary hotels here and there.
We got to go to Orcas Island and party. Then we got to go do some hard core dunin' Bro (that was for you Megs). Here's some pics.

This cracks me up. I know the photo is fuzzy but it is just so accurate. Sid was yelling "slow down" the entire time she was on that silly sled. She was barely moving.

Bos kept taking off too fast. I never got a good picture of him. He was rockin' it though.

Sid and Lincoln.

Mas the stud muffin!

This shot freaks me out a little. Sid looks way too fourteen.

Is this not the cutest face you've ever seen?

Oop, here it is again in Black & white. I like this better.

Zach and my kids. We forced them to climb those poles like 50 times!

Bos was totally playing that up. I think Sid made it up that rope in 3 seconds.


Happy Cameron Service Day!

Do you have a garage that needs cleaning? A room that needs painted? A garden in need of weeding? Any help what-so-ever with anything what-so-ever?
My family has decided to try something different this Saturday (yes that's tomorrow 8-16-2008). We would like to fill all the daylight hours with service. We need your help. If you need anything or know anyone else that needs anything, please let me know. This is super late notice but I just barely thought of it, sorry. Leave me a comment of what is needed and I'll contact you in the morning. Thanks!!
Now don't go all lam-o either. This wont work unless you guys comment. You don't want to leave me with nothing to do tomorrow do you?


Our Annual Event

Guess what we did yesterday!


My new favorite book!

I've been a fan of Jamie Oliver for a few years. I've checked out his cook books from the library and made a few dishes here and there. At Christmastime my cool Mom gave me a gift certificate to Barnes & Noble and so the adventure begins(actually it took me a few months to finally convince myself I could buy the book even though it was not on sale). Fine so mid- June the adventure began. I know it's silly to love a cook book so much but I want to try almost everything in it. I've made 15 recipes so far. Some are better than others but all are delicious! Tonight I'm making two more. Gnocchi with mushrooms and sage (gnocchi from scratch) and for dessert Eton mess (meringue with strawberries and vanilla cream).

I think I've written before about how much I love to cook dinner. I don't. I'm having a lot of fun trying out all these recipes though. The book is only about 400 pages so it shouldn't take me long to whip ( get it, whip?) through it.
Check out Jamie Oliver's site for more fabulousness.


Why you want to kill me?

Granted it was very late when I watched this but it is so stinkin' funny! Concentrate on the little chnch noise that the joker dude keeps using and how intense the Batman guy stays throughout the whole dumb skit. If all else falls and this still does not make you laugh just try again at 2 am. That should do it.