Sheri tagged me

This is the first time I have been blog tagged. It was really kind of fun to think about all this stuff.

1. 4 jobs I've had
Litlle ceaser's Pizza(Sheri got me that job)
Subway sandwich artist
AZ Republic errand girl

2. 4 movies I can watch any time
Pride & Prejudice(6 hour)
James and the Giant Peach
Moulin Rouge
Babe( Christmas means Carnage!!!!) Who could not love that?

3. 4 places I have lived
Chandler, AZ
Mesa, AZ
Beaverton, OR
Aloha, OR

4. 4 TV shows I love
Hannity & Colmbs
Project Runway
Country videos
Design to Sell

5. 4 foods I love
homegrown tomatoes
burritos ( any kind, taco bell, breakfast, Elmers....)

6. 4 websites I visit daily
dierks.com (maybe not everyday)
all sites listed on my bog

7. 4 places I'd rather be
touring down the East Coast
smalltown France
Mary Janes Farm (check it out, it looks so fun. maryjanesfarm.com)
Chandler, AZ

8. 4 people to tag
Lauren F


Mahina said...

that was fun to read. thanks for a little glimpse into you.

jaust.me said...

So now does this mean we've been tagged?

Merilee said...


sheri said...

I like what you said about burritos. I think I should have put them on my list. In fact, I wish I only had to write about all the food I love...thanks, now I want a burrito.

Chris said...

ok, I can't believe you put Chandler, AZ on your 4 Places I'd rather be... it's like 5,000 degrees there right now! It's hot enough here!

jaust.me said...

I'll have you know that the high in Chandler today was 97*. It's been like that all week. We won't discuss the humidity though. Some city in the valley has gotten rain every day this week, I think.