I'm starting my rambling for two reasons tonight. 1) A lack of anything particularly interesting to say. 2) so you have plenty of time to listen to this awesome song(there are actually two if you are a slow reader).
My kids had a very interesting evening. I stumbled onto some new blogs so they had a couple hours on their own. They filled their time by making a fabulous new soda pop. I made them create it out in the alley so that nothing too close to the house would get sticky! Believe me the alley is very sticky!! Their new soda is made from mushed watermelon, one melted( in the microwave) red otter pop, water, and of course lots of sugar. They even created a new soda can, but as soon as I realized they were spray painting in the garage the new can design was done. Even though this entertainment was very messy and they used my new china tea set to serve it (along with the can), they always amaze me with their curiosity and creativity, and it actually didn't taste too bad!

So the other night Chris and I( mostly I ) were talking about things that we live our lives by. You know, things that you believe so much that you just can't deny it, or try to live any differently. I actually asked Chris this in question form because sometimes I can't figure him out( please tell me I'm not the only one ). So, we came up with the obvious like the gospel and all the many things that entails like, families are forever, and tithing is the hugest blessing ever, and obedience.... We also had, If you give kids too much they will never appreciate anything, and you can do anything you want if you really decide you want too. Well Chris fell asleep after that, but I was wondering what all of you guys thought. What are some other things you really live by?

I think that with all the AZ kids going back to school, and now that everyone in OR has planted their pumpkins, I feel Fall coming on and it is way too soon. I love Fall. It is probably my favorite season but, I am not ready for my Summer to end. It feels like it just barely started. I am certainly not complaining. August and september are awesome up here, I'm just afraid they will go by too fast. So watch your Fallish talk people! I don't want to hear anything about pumpkins or school supplies for at least another month.

The other blogger sites I landed on tonight were from people I grew up with. People I went to school with all the way from Kindy to senior year. We are more aquaintences than anything else at this point, but knowing their families while growing up feels like such a blessing. It was such a blast to be able to see what they are all up to these days. (sneaky spy goggles for sure!) Hope they don't mind.

Has anyone else ever gone to the store to return something because you really didn't need it, and then find you have returned from the same store with more stuff than before, and you don't need that either? I seem to be caught in this constant struggle of wanting new things and getting rid of crap! What is up with me?

This ended on a weird note. Sorry. That is the end of my Wednesday ramble. (it is Wednesday, right?)


ducklips said...

You make me laugh.

Ok, first that is a wonderful song.

Next, ohhhh believe me you are not
the only one.

C. Whose blogs did you run into?

Last, I love your kids! I'm glad you let them stretch their creativity.

Anonymous said...
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Darilyn said...

Things I live by: When you give you will get back in increased amounts.

When you ask for God's help he will hear you.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. I will keep thinking on this one.

sheri said...

The biggest things I try (emphasis on try) to live my life by are kindness and honesty. On another note...I totally do that with returning stuff & then ending up with more stuff all of the time! Honestly (see?), it SUCKS!!!!

P.S. Sometimes it's hard to be honest and kind at the same time.

jaust.me said...

Ok, here's a bunch of comments.

The new soda looks great. Your kids picked good colors. I'm inspired by your constant photography, I love Sid with the squash.

I try to ask my husband questions to try to figure out what he's thinking and he just looks at me funny, like why would I talk about this?

Things I live by:

ditto Sheri- I really hate it when people are rude or discourteous. So I try not to be. I also appreciate the value of tact.

I used to be really good about not talking about people. I need to work on that again. I always try to make sure that I don't say anything that I wouldn't say if the person was standing there. I picture myself standing in front of that heavenly video and don't want to be embarrassed by what I say. However, apparently I've gotten much cattier, not a good thing. I totally agree with you on the whole not giving kids too much stuff thing. I see kids who get whatever they want at school and it makes me sad because they don't value any of it.

I want my kids to appreciate life and what it means.
I want them to be nice.
I want them to want to be good.
I try to teach them and pray and keep my fingers crossed.
I don't want them to be afraid of their parents, but I do want them to understand what we expect of them.

So much of my life, who am I kidding, really all of my life centers around my kids. I think that it is important that I live a purpose-filled life, but now that purpose is really my family.

Somewhere in here is where I would put citizenship. I think it is so important to be informed and to do what you can to make sure that our country remains a place where freedom and self can exist.

jaust.me said...

Oh yeah, why was a comment deleted by the blog administrator? Do you have x-rated friends?

Merilee said...

it was a solicitor, not a bad one. just didn't want it on there.

Emily said...

Beauty, love, honesty, intensity

I guess you could say I like to live in the idea.

I miss you, but I am so glad you moved to Oregon. Come visit me soon. It is only 17 hours away, not like those 22 hours away fools!

Merilee said...

I miss you too Em, but you come visit me instead!

Emily said...

Yeah, I wish. Moving is kind of expensive, though. Oh, and I have a job.