Norman Rockwell

I don't know how I ended up with Rockwell's poster child, but somehow Mason is a perfect fit, with his big ears, freckles sprinkled across his nose, and a smile big enough to hide the mischief in his eyes.
We got this picture last night and I could not stop looking and laughing at it, so I thought I'd share. Love ya Mas!


Darilyn said...

i love it. Mason is truly such a cute kid. And I'm not even prejudice. No family ties here.

Bridget said...

That is really cute! He just needs to go to the Barber and get a pic there and he will be a well rounded Rockwell subject. :)

Merilee said...

Bridget, are you reffering to Rockwell's barber paintings or Mason really needing his hair cut?
(or at least bangs cut)

sheri said...

That kid looks just like his mother!