First Timer

Wow, we will see if this works. I am a total computer retard.

Megan and Reuben just came to visit and it was so awesome, so my first blog is about them. I love loved having them here for the week of 4th of July . My favorite holiday(probably cause it's a warm one). We did lots of fun stuff. Here's some pics of a trip to Multnomah Falls.

This is the grossest slug I have ever seen! That's not my hand!


MLL said...

Hey, Lady, I love your blog. For a computer retard you seem to be doing alright. That slug is huge!!! We have a little garden here and it's being eaten, not by us, but by the slugs. They're so rude. Thanks to HGTV about 6 years ago I learned how to kill them-set a shallow bowl out with beer, they climb in for a drink, get drunk and drown (I'm so cruel, but it's organic).

jaust.me said...

I love it! I started to blog about I don't know ago. And by started, I mean once. You have inspired me to add some pics and stuff. I will send you my blogspot in an email. The kids look adorable. We miss you guys so much. Don't make any more of my sisters move!

Merilee said...

I'm so excited you guys commented, isn't this fun? Chris keeps walking by me shaking his head and saying"I can't believe it" he is shocked I can do this.

fortunately Marcy that massive slug was not at my house, but that beer trick will come in handy for all the little guys(slugs I mean).

Mahina said...

welcome to the blogging world. it is super addictive and so much fun! that slug is disgustingly large! ugh!

Darilyn said...

Yippee! Merilee is blogging! Love the pics, love you and love your blog!