It's party time!

"Why do grown ups have parties like that?" asks Mason as we are driving home from party #2. Our family got to go to three really fun parties today, but the kids don't quite grasp parties without an entertainment hour! I guess good food and great company isn't enough for them yet. I had a great time at all of them.
Party #1 we went to Aunt Sharon's surprise birthday brunch. It was beautiful. There was obviously alot of time and talent spent to make this a fabulous party. It was held in an amazing backyard. Full of the most beautiful plants ever, and decorated so cute. We had a wonderful brunch and got to meet and visit with Sharon's friends that we hear so much about. We also got hang out with alot of Fam. It was great.

Party #2 was Boston's end-of-season baseball party held at The Spaghetti Factory. Again, very fun to just sit and visit with everyone from the team, and of course good food. ( well, food anyway). I think this was a big adjustment for the kids, there were no flashing lights, tickets, or plastic kazoos and tootsie rolls to bring home. There were spit wads, ice cream and trophies though, I mean what more could a boy want?

Party#3, The kids got out of this one. Good for them, good for us!! Chris and I went up to ChrisB and Katie's place for ChrisB's birthday shindig. Very laid back, very cool people( way cooler than Chris and I) and awesome food.

Someday( sooner than I would really like ) Mason will get it!


jaust.me said...

Hey, way to out Chris, Mer. J/K Sounds like a fun day. We just had one party today. Breck's at "Pizza Piper" The kids all had a blast and Breck made a haul.

Merilee said...

nice job keeping up on the comments Mo. I just posted that like two seconds ago.

Bridget said...

Looks like fun!

Darilyn said...

Well you know me, checking out the food. I saw thai spring rolls there on that table. Did they make those? That's one of my most favorite foods. I finally got to see Katie too. Thanks for sharing that picture. Happy Birthday Chris B and Sharon!