Boston in Astoria, OR.
Every Winter I spend a lot of time wondering why the heck I live here. Now, during summer, I can really appreciate what makes Oregon so great.

* being able to spend all afternoon outside playing soccer with the kids, in July!
* Having the beach an hour and a half away.
*Having the mountains an hour and a half away.
*having everything an hour and a half away!!
* getting to pick any kind of berry imaginable for .99 a lb.
*getting to know lots of awesome people.
* today was 75 degrees with light showers.
* No school until September.
* getting to experience river rafting, snowcaving, horseback riding on the beach, swimming in crystal clear lakes, skiing in April, bike trails that take your breath away, watching fireworks from a sandpit, eating fresh crab, and much more...
*finding the latest, greatest restauraunt in downtown Portland.
* Having Joyce and fam so close.
*having Aunt Sharon so close.
*having Chris B so close.
*being able to actually grow flowers in my yard.
*and really, really appreciating all of you I don't get to see so often!!!


sheri said...

I must admit I am a little jealous...

Darilyn said...

Yeah, it is nice here. I'm glad that I have you to remind me of everything that's great about Oregon.

Krista Lou Cook said...

The homesickness is sinking in! Although..... Maryland can fit quite a few of those qualities. I guess I found the second best for a while!

Bridget said...

ok, so what is the latest and greatest restaurant in Portland?

Aundrea said...

Cute blog Merilee! I'm glad you're here so I got to know such a cool person. I'll see ya at book club.

Merilee said...

Bridget, Maybe not latest( it took me awhile to get there), but the latest for me was Montage. Southern food, really yummy. I finally got to try frog legs.

Pix, was also a good new one for me. It is a chocolate patisserie. delicious and very unique!