10 things I've learned from being a total Geek!

1. Not getting involved is retarded, not cool.

2. Accentuate your own good qualities, don't try to imitate someone else.

3. Moms rule

4. Sisters rule

5. A pity dance is way worse than sitting out.

6. Live in reality (still working on that one)

7. The more you know about something or someone, the more you love it.

8. Mean people are mean to everybody, nice people are nice to everybody.

9. A testimony of The Gospel is a must!

10. In the end it doesn't really matter how geeky you are.


sheri said...

Ummm...you are one of the least geeky people i know...Totally cool in my book!

Lauren said...

The great thing about that is that being yourself makes you way cooler than any poser. Of course, because your so busy being nice, you would never call anyone a poser, just feel bad for them for not being comfortable in their own skin.

Great observations!

Whoops, I'm posting from Lauren's account