Today is OK---------------------

"Hey mom, why are we leaving the pumpkin patch without getting any pumpkins?"
"well, we need cash here, and I don't have any. Let's just run to the bank"

"Mom, why can't we get the biggest pumpkin?".
"Becuase we aren't even going to be in town for Halloween, we just don't need the biggest one."

"Mom, why can't we jump on the bouncy apple today?"
"It is busy season at the farm so they are charging a fee. We'll come back when it's free."

"Mom can we get caramel, and cider, and another pumpkin, and.....

"Mom can we go on the hay ride?"
"we are going to do that at Nana B's on Halloween."

"Mom, why can't we ride in the back of the truck while we move all these boxes?"
"I don't know, you just can't. It's not safe on big roads."

"Mom, why do we have to drive so far to the Halloween party?"
"Our friends moved, but we still want to go see them, you'll have fun."

"Mom, when are we going to carve our pumpkins?"
"tomorrow evening"
"how about tomorrow morning?"
"how about tomorrow afternoon?"

"Mom, why do we have to take a shower?"
"because you've been playing all day and we have church in the morning."

"Mom, will you ask dad to tuck us in?"

Man, I am such a drag!


Darilyn said...

Do the questions ever end? I don't think so. At least you didn't tune them out. I hate to admit that I often, unknowingly do. Then Chris will say,
"are you going to answer her question?"

"oh, what did you say Emma?"
I was in lala land. I like to visit there.

Janalee said...

So is this Valley Girl "OKKKKKay" or excited "OKKKK". I need a tone here.

Merilee said...

They are very unenthusiastic OK's. Does that Like, clear it up for ya?

Bridget said...

So is it kind of a whiny ok? Like okaaaaaaaaayuh?

Merilee said...

Yes exactly like that Bridget. Thank you. Except that last one. That was more of a OK! you betcha I will!

Mahina said...

i dread those kind of days. so many questions! and each one gets more and more annoying!

Jodi said...

Acknowledging your problem is the first step to recovery...'Hi! My name is Jodi AND I am a drag.' Should we go to meetings together?

ducklips said...

That's hilarious. Yes, I need to join the drag club too, and the ignore club (although, horribly it is not always unintentional. When my husband asks if I'm going to answer them I just say "no, they can figure it out.")

Emily said...

I felt like I was being a drag today, too. Toad was sick, and I was busy planning and grading. So, I just let Tabi make cookies, the pre-mixed chocolate chip ones. I'm so glad I decided to splurge and pick them up last shopping trip! I got to be so much cooler than the day was allowing.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, the questions! Is there a better way to drive a mother insane? Except for that high-pitched whining, I think excessive questioning is a big one!

Aundrea said...

I'll send Maika over to your house and then you'll know about questions! The girl doesn't even let you answer one questions before she starts asking another! I'm like Darilyn where I totally tune out and then it takes someone saying are you ever going to answer her?

Bouncing Balls said...

What no whining from your kids? No tears. Impressive. Your kids need to teach my kids the OKKK response.

Bouncing Balls said...

It's funny you think I don't look anything like my mom. We just had that discussion last night about you and your kids. Genevieve said "who is that lady who takes care of Syndey?" We then had to explain that sometimes we don't look like our parents and I gave the example of myself and my mom. That is so funny that you had the same comment. So true. I look more like my dad's side of the family.

Kim said...

My frustration with the questions, is that Joe will ask one, and I will proceed to answer him, and he will interrupt me and say: "What are you talking about?"

His brain has already moved on to something else.

Tabi said...


jaust.me said...

Merilee, Will you come to Arizona, please?

Rochelle said...

I love this post! It's cute and fun and the best part shows how human you are!

Aundrea said...

Okaaaaaay, Merilee, we are ready for a new blog entry!:)