My kids are such rock stars!

Mason has been a song writer for a few years now. His lyrics have come a long way. He started out with songs like "I Dropped My Ice Cream Cone". Then moved on to "My life Sucks, but I Don't Care". His latest was my return home surprise. It's called "I Like". I think this was co-written by Boston. It goes like this. It's sung kind of Nirvana-esque.

I like watching the sun set. I like watching it rise. I like watching for the colors of the dark blue sky.
I like, I like, I like these things so much.
I like, I like, I like, I like thinking of you.

This is kind of short for Mason, but I have a feeling his "mom" was not his favorite topic to write about. I absolutely love it though. Boston and Mason performed it for me when I got home from VT. I might have teared up if it weren't for their nasally, hard rock way of singing. Anyway it was cool. ( yes, I do keep all the lyric sheets, someday they will be needed for the documentary.)

Also, I wanted all those who have not heard yet, to know that Boston won first place in his 1 mile run for cross country. This is his first year running and he loves it. His time was 6 minutes and 30 seconds. I thought that was pretty good for his first race. I was gone, so I can't wait to see his next one.

Sid gets her rock star points for playing football with the little neighbor boy. He's 2 and apparently loves to tackle.


Bridget said...

Holy cow! 6 min 30 sec! That's awesome! And Sid has always been so good with little kids. I remember her always dotting over Ethan and Cole at the park a few years ago.

Natalie said...

Secretly I have always wanted to write songs and be a singer. I am jealous of Mason's talent. Congrats to Boston, that is awesome.

jaust.me said...

That is so sweet. I know that Lauren misses writing songs with your kids. Congrats to Boston, that rocks the house.

ducklips said...

Your kids are rock stars!
I love hearing about all their stuff.

Aundrea said...

Whoa! I think I would fall over dead after running that fast. Seriously! That's so sweet about the songs I didn't know that about your boys.

Sheri said...

Tell Mason & Boston I'm so impressed! I think you should video tape them singing the song and post it on your blog. Kudos to Sydney too - that takes LOTS of patience.

Kim said...

Your kids rock and so does your music. I love coming to your blog. The music does not disappoint. This is a trip down memory lane. I feel like I'm in high school again.

I also would like to see Boston and Mason singing the song!

Jodi said...

Talented kiddos! It's good that you are keeping their music sheets...they will love looking back on them someday :)

megan said...

that is a good idea to record them and post the video on your blog!Mason is a total rock star. Way to go Boston for winning 1st! that is really a fast time, especially for someone his age. What an athlete! Sid is so awesome!

Mahina said...

that s so fun! i wish i could write and sing! way to go guys, that'a an excellent talent!

Emily said...

Okay, I will post Ian's lyrics on my blog.