Happy Birthday Elise!

Elise is almost exactly 2 years older than me.
Elise was a cheerleader in Jr. High. Can you tell?
In high school she was a witch. OK not really, but some people thought she was!
She was really an arty-farty pants, and she still is.
After high school Elise was my best friend, we did pretty much everything together.( weekend dances, concerts, hanging out, ski trips, beach trips, volleyball, shared a room, shared clothes, share other best friends, like I said everything)
Then Elise went on a mission. She went to Slovenia, and loved every second of it.
She married Steve, and has three hilarious kids.
Elise is still one of my very best friends. I love every second of her!
I hope you have a fabulous day lady, you certainly deserve it! Can't wait to see you in 20 more days.


Natalie said...

Happy Birthday Elise. That is a great picture!

NanaB said...

Merilee,So glad that you had a fun trip. I did not get to Vermont, Daddy refused because their Senator changed from REp. to Demo. whiole in office, but in Mass. Concord was my favorite too. We stayed in an old in right across the street from the cemetary. One morning I got up and wandered trough it. Talk about your "Dead Poet Society!" And the bridge nearby where the first shot was fired that began the Revolutionary War. We went to Waldon Pond , I brought homje a tiny twig from there. People were swimming everywhwere . But it still managed to be peaceful... Any way the reason I started this was to say Happy Birthday to you. I tried to call on your birthday.but your cell went right to voice mail, Happy Birthday.

ducklips said...

That was such an amazing birthday present, you made me cry. I am having a wonderful day. Thanks for making it even better. I so want to go crazy dancing in my bathroom, but it's just not as big as the one we had growing up, so I will make my husband and kids think I'm even more crazy flailing my arms around in the yellow room.
Thank you!

Chris said...


Do you want to "head bang" with me?


Chelsea said...

Miss Merilee you are so busted for blog spying and not commenting! :) So yes I secretly stalk all of the Lovely Bogle family. (By the way Happy Birthday to Elise!) I have openly admitted to it a couple times to other siblings. I saw you commented on my sis in laws and thought to myself that I haven't stalked you for awhile. Lo and behold I click on your name and there is a post with MY name in it! Thank goodness it was all true what ye be writin' about me family! P) Yes we are addicted. Just wait for halloween! Okay, you can go back to secretly stalking as we all love about the blog world. Just thought I'd say ahoy to all the bogle landlubbers out there! p) (get it...it's a pirate with and eye patch smile!) But if you ever come back my way say hi sometime! It's always fun to know who is actually looking at the ol' blog!

ducklips said...

Chris, you up for a trip to Globe?

And thanks everybody for the birthday wishes.

Chris said...


I am always up for a trip to Globe. We'll be there in a few weeks! Too bad we won't have a really cool car like my old red one to travel in... but hey, whatever.

Stephen & Chelsea said...

Hey is this the Merilee Bogle from Chandler? I'm so glad you dropped by and said hi. I love your hair and happy birthday Elise. I run into Monique here and there. I can't believe you are all the way in Oregon. How fun! Take care I'll have to spy on your family now!

Merilee said...

Welcome, welcome to the 2 Chelsea's. I know I am such a blogging tom.

Sheri said...

Happy Birthday Elise!