how much compromise?

When I first had children I decided that I would raise them similar to the way my mother raised me. Maybe not in all areas, but one in particular. Electronics! I'm not a fan of video games. I always say "no game systems allowed". I do not like TVs in the bedrooms. I think they take away from bonding time in the master, they make it way too easy to sneak forbidden shows in the kids rooms, and when I was growing up only spoiled kids had them in their rooms. Also, cell phones are very unnecessary for children under the age of 15. Mp3 players are for teenagers not kids. I don't mind them using mine when I'm around, but they certainly don't need their own!
Well I'm not exactly sure what happened, but I sadly report we have gotten a WII. We did get rid of the Xbox though. We have TVs in two bedrooms. We have 4 mp3 players and they are not all mine. None of my children have cell phones, but they do have to show me how to use mine!
I still hate all the brain suckers being around the house, but I admit the longer they are around the more I don't even notice them. Am I living in wacko world for wanting them gone or do I just need to let it go?


Bridget said...

I hear ya Merilee. I certainly don't like the TVs in the bedrooms or the expensive electronics for kids. HOWEVER, the Wii is awesome!! We have one and I must say I love it. At least the kids are getting some exercise, no? The sports is what my kids play and it does get them moving. Nothing like good old fashioned fun but a big step up from Pac-Man.

Jodi said...

I am in agreement with the TVs in the kid's bedrooms and I don't think I will budge much on that one. I have never been too keen on video games either but I think the WII looks like fun and it's an interactive video game, right? I would probably compromise on that one...everything in moderation, right?! But, hey, go with your gut and do what is best for your family. You are a great mom :)

Darilyn said...

You are absolutely right on just about all of that. I agree with no tvs in the kids bedroom but chris and I have one in ours and I've always loved it. I HATE video games of all kinds including the Wii. It's not really the Wii's fault. It's that my kids obsess and fight over who's turn it is and who's been playing longer. It is only allowed on Saturdays in our house for those very reasons. And my girls do all have Ipods but they were gifts from their auntie. We never would have bought them. But the one place I differ is cell phones. I love that Makenzie has one. She only uses it after school so that I can get a hold of her if I'm running late. That way she isn't standing outside of Aloha High wondering where I am if something were to happen to me. This is a really long comment.

ducklips said...

Well, obviously we were raised the same way. I hate video games too. I flat refuse to buy a Wii, but I think it has more to do w/ the cost than anything else. And, absolutely no TVs in the bedrooms. Except... we have a TV in our bedroom, Kas has a computer in his room and a game cube(in the family room). We even have an old atari system w/ pac man and asteroids of all things. We just live in the digital age.
I was very happy that my bishop's 13 yr. old daughter had a cell phone so he could call her and ask if she wanted to babysit for us last Saturday.

If your kids weren't the most active kids I know, then maybe I'd worry. Since they can barely spend 15 minutes indoors w/o getting completely bored, I don't think you have done any harm.

Bring on the electronics!

Tomallama said...

Merilee, don't let it fool you! Wii may have redeeming qualities, but using that same logic, so does meth. Sure Wii is a better alternative to Xbox or Playstation, but that's like saying "At least my kid is just doing meth and not coke." Okay, maybe that is a little over the top, because Wii is actually pretty fun and we do play ocassionally at Natalie's folk's house. However, simulated golf and tennis will never replace the real thing. At least not while I have a say.

megan said...

I'm glad that both Reuben and I don't like video games. Though if we ever did get a video game system it would be a wii. We had fun playing Ben and Alyson's (we won't get one though).I don't like tv's in kids rooms but I did have one for a little while in my room when I was a teenager, and I was ok. my kids probably won't have one though. Cell phones are so handy to have, but unless kids are going places where no parents are (which is not until they are a little older anyway) they don't need them.

then again since I have not yet had children I can't really say what I will and won't actually do.

Kim said...

I'm right there with you. There will never be a tv in my kids room. I'm not a fan of video games. I agree with Tom, simulated sports shouldn't replace the real thing. And, I think I'm the only person on the planet who doesn't have a cell phone. (And I refuse to get one!)

I'm sounding a little preachy, so I'll add: To each his own. If you want all of those things, go for it! I'ts just not me.

sheri said...

Out of all the gaming systems I think the wii is the best. I'm alright with my kids playing video games as long as there is a time limit. Alexander has a t.v. in his room - he doesn't abuse it. He always asks to watch a show. It helps that we don't have cable so my kids really don't watch that much t.v. I guess what I'm saying is as long as there are rules & limits I think it's fine.

jaust.me said...

My 2 cents:

I HATE video games.

My husband lives for them.
My kids are not fanatical, but they like some of them. I should qualify that. My kids are not fanatical about video games. Lauren is obviously an anime freak.
She did have a tv in her room and probably did abuse it. (Waking up at 3am and turning on the tv). When I lived in a matchbox, the second tv was in the kids room to save my sanity. Now that the kids have their own room, I can go with my gut: no tv in kid's rooms. Lauren does have my old laptop in her room, but it's such a pain to use that she rarely does.
Every person in my family has their own Ipod. For Lauren's 12th birthday, it was the only thing she asked for. Then, Emma asked for giftcards for her birthday and bought her own shuffle. If I didn't control the itunes, I might have a problem with it. We have talked about the need for time without anything plugged in or turned on, though.
Cell phones, why would kids need them if they are not going to be where you are not. Once they are older and doing things on their own, if you can afford it, why not use the technology to keep them safe? I told Lauren, high school, but we'll see.

Emily said...

Get over it! You all sound freakin' old!!!!! At least the Wii makes people stand up, although I have cheated and sat down to play baseball. The ipod takes music with you while you explore the great outdoors. The TVs are brain suckers and, yet, so very there. Our children are growing up in a world of technology. They can learn how to use it, or be left behind.

I'll go back to riding horses and walking any day. But in the meantime, ease up. Why stress on yourself for allowing your kids to know how to interact with the world they live in? In your last blog about your kids, you talked about how much they do, how many sports they participate in. Perhaps, you might have something to worry about if your kids were fat and inactive. Then, you had better hope they were technology geniuses!

Now, I do have only a PS2. I only own two TVs, one for all and one in my room. The kids share an ipod and a portable DVD player. They have their own DVR, too. I'm not sure they know how to use it. I'm not sure they've had time to figure it out. Someday! Also, I will not get them TVs for their rooms. They can suck it up!

jaust.me said...

I think it's ok. We're supposed to sound old. We're the parents.

MLL said...

I never want to sound old, although I probably do to the young. My aversion to gaming is the collosal waste of time and brain activity, But then again, whenever i get online all I do is read other peoples blogs and comments on those blogs that just run and run and run about soooo many ultra important stuff in the word-I'm really a one woman think-tank.
(Insert sarcastic grin here)

MLL said...

Forgot to ask, Merilee, Where'd you find that terrific poster gif-I love it!

Merilee said...

Hi Marcy, I found the poster by googling video games. It was all over the place.