Very Lucky

I'm not quite sure how I got so lucky. I married a man who I can completely trust and rely on. A few of the things he has done for me this week are:

Worked very hard every day at his very stressful job.

came home early from work to clean up a little doggy mess.

threw a blanket over me in the middle of the afternoon, knowing full well that I would fall asleep.

left church early to bring our 2 sickees home.

picked up my "products" from the store.

bought our family plane tickets to AZ for Halloween & Ty's wedding.

put all the kids to bed so I could go out with Darilyn last night.

went to school Mon & Tues to better provide for our family.

called me every morning to see how I was doing.

picked up tooth fairy money ,after work, twice this week.

set up a Mexican food night with friends because he knows it's my favorite.

planned a date night for Saturday night.

And... surprised me with a plane ticket to VT for a girls weekend.

These are just the things that came right into my brain. I'm sure there are more. I'm so thankful I married Chris. He really is the sanity in all my crazy. (see picture below)


megan said...

wow that is lucky! what a nice girls weekend trip/surprise! I'm so excited that you guys are coming for halloween/ty's wedding! What day are you getting here? This comment has a lot of slashes/!

Bridget said...

What a great wife you are too. I think it is so important to point out all the good things. I didn't know Chris was in school either. What is he studying? Lucky Sidney- two teeth in one week.

Darilyn said...

Yes, at work yesterday Melissa and I were talking about all the nice things Chris does for you. He's a good guy.

Merilee said...

Meg, we arrive early on Halloween and then leave on the evening of the 4th.

Bridget, Chris is getting his MBA, and Boston is the proud loser of one of those teeth.

ducklips said...

this is a very sweet post. i think chris is the lucky one. i hope he sees it. (the post i mean, i know he knows he's lucky.)

i am so excited for you guys to come for next month. yea!

sheri said...

Chris is a great guy! I get so irritated with women who complain about their husbands...it's refreshing to read something so nice about your husband. He sounds like a keeper :)

jaust.me said...

I love that you use your blog to appreciate your family. You inspire me! My kids were really sad that you aren't coming this week. Although of course we're glad that it's because Dad just isn't sick enough. They are counting down the days until your family gets here.

Jodi said...

You sound like one lucky girl! And, of course, Chris is one lucky guy :)