Our weekend

Friday, I was seriously looking for someone to shoot me. I didn't really have a great day. On Saturday things started looking up! That morning Sid and I went to the apple farm. They have a very fun little apple bouncy thing.
so Sid bounced and I bought apples. Very fun! Then we went to the cutest little country cafe for lunch. We have to go back because they had the best tasting grapes ever!

Then that afternoon we heard it was going to be 80 degrees at the beach, so we had to go! Chris's sister Joyce and her kids Zach and Catie met us at our house and we took off. Which beach? well....

We didn't go to Cannon for all its awesome shopping. NO!

We didn't go to Pacific city to use the four-wheelers on the dunes. NO!

We didn't go to Lincoln City for the best beaches ever. NO!

We went to Seaside for the TWIRL-A-WHIRL!!!

I think everyone (except me) rode it 6 or 7 times. They all had fun and no one vomited, so that was good.
There was also a huge car show in Seaside that weekend. Almost every car that drove by was the coolest car I've ever seen! All old timer cars of course. Oh,and some hot rods but those were dumb.
We ended up renting a house for the night because all the hotels were full. The house we got was super cool though. It was the first "well built house" in Seaside. It had a gorgeous garden and the inside was all covered in wainscoating. It was built in the late 1800's, and was awesome!

We did actually spend a lot of time on the beach too. It was so warm! Not the water, but the air.
We had fun watching Boston, Zach, and Mason skim board, finding shells, catching baby crabs. That was actually pretty gross. A couple of times when a big wave came in, as it would go back out you could see thousands of these disgusting little crabs trying to bury themselves in the sand. I only had to run out of the water screaming those two times though! Ugh, that gives me the shivers just thinking about it. And for some reason I could just forget they were there if I couldn't see them.

After the beach I went shopping while the rest of the group snuck in to the Trendwest pool that is right by the beach. Then I picked them up and we went to dinner. We ended up in this cool little Italian seafood/ Pizza place. I know that sounds weird, but it's not if you see it. It's adorable and very yummy. I got one of my beach food staples, Ciopini, which is all sorts of shell fish and whatever other kinds of fish they want thrown into a spicy tomato and veggie broth. So good!
We then drove around the gorgeous little town of Gearhart. It pretty much is where the rich people put there beach houses in Oregon. All huge wood shingled amazing beach homes. Someday, in my dreams, I'll have a house in Gearhart.


sheri said...

That sounds like so much fun. I think I am going to have to come visit you sometime.

Merilee said...

I would love that Sheri! Have you heard that late summer early fall are the best times to come to OR?

Darilyn said...

I love how you just went at the last minute. We did that.....once and it was one of the best times we had at the beach. You guys are good at that. I love love the pictures on the tilt a whirl.

Emily said...

Awesome! I spent the weekend sleeping and grading. I meant to get planning in there, but hardly did any. Now, I have an eval tomorrow.