I was just remembering a little conversation I had with Sid this past weekend. I thought it was pretty funny. We were walking down the boardwalk in Seaside like we do many times a year. Chris and the boys always stop to get elephant ears and corndogs. Well, they had closed down the corndog shop so they all went for elephant ears. Sidney didn't want anything.

Sid: Actually mom, I'll have a water.

Me: Ok, you sure you don't want to share an elephant ear with the boys?

Sid: ( squishy faced) No.

So then we go sit down. Chris, Joyce, Sid, and I were sitting together. She suddenly looks up at me and says...

Sid: Mom, is that really made from an elephant? I don't want to eat or kill an elephant!

After we all calmed down from laughing, we explained that it was made from bread dough and sugar, NOT ELEPHANTS! Boy was

Sid relieved. She did eventually taste it, but I don't think she could shake the image.


ducklips said...

Oh, poor Sidney Bean. That is funny but I can just imagine that she thought the boys were all insane for eating elephant ears.

Bridget said...

Way to go Sid for sacrificing your meal to protect a wild species. That is way funny.

Darilyn said...

good for you sidney for not wanting to eat an elephant.

Mahina said...

i'm with you sid! i wouldn't want to eat an elephant either!

too funny!

Aundrea said...

That's so funny! I can't remember which one of my kids had the same sort of experience the first time she had a hot dog. Poor kids.