FAll- my 2 minute poem

Fall on your face,
fall on your butt
I'll laugh real hard you big ol clutz.

Fall is cold
fall makes me shiver,
while gathering firewood I got a sliver.

Fall, I grow pumpkins
fall, I get muddy
will you be my fall buddy?

Fall is amazing
fall freaking rocks
Sorry got to go put on some warm socks!

This is my test. What can I write (in poetry form) in 2 minutes. I picked the topic of Fall before I started. This was hard! I dare you to try it. Remember 2 minutes!


Darilyn said...

You are so funny! Are you still up? want to go out?

Bridget said...

You guys are so funny! Do you really go out after 10:30pm????

ducklips said...

You are so on!

Love the music. Its like you made you play list just for me.

ducklips said...



Aundrea said...

You're crazy! But I tried it...and I liked it! (I love Fall too.)

Mahina said...

such a hidden talent i never knew of! this made me laugh! i love it. i will have to try it when i get 2 minnutes!

Jodi said...

You seriously crack me up :)

jaust.me said...

I'm going for it. I do have 2 minutes.

Kim said...

I tried and I failed. Poetry is not my thing.

I had to comment because you really made my day today. I'm totally stressing because I have pack meeting tomorrow and I'm doing everything at the last minute, when Brian calls, and lo and behold, what do I hear, but Nellie the Elephant in the background. Knowing that Brian has had no exposure to the Toy Dolls, I question him "What is that you are listening too?" He says he is checking out your blog. I immediatley stop what I am doing to check out your blog. Not only do I get to read a really awesome poem about fall, but I get to sing along with Nellie the Elephant. It put a huge smile on my face.

I guess in my long-winded way, I am saying: "Thanks!"

Merilee said...

you're welcome Kim. I just love that you and Brian read my blog.

Emily said...

Fall hits here
With the suddenness of
a sprung spring
One morning I wake
To a crispness
No scent of firewood
or orange blossoms
but a well puppy
and Daddy home

oppressive heat
then home
to a pleasant
cool breeze

eating fruit outside
with buzzing teens
hormones in overdrive
but I cannot deny them
so we write
in the breezy shade
and they create
materpiece of edibles

to strawberries, peaches, apples
and oranges
bananas are entirely too phallic
for a teenage boy
to even consider
eating in public

so i feed them
and find them willing
to share with me
that they are more comfortable
in my class
than anywhere else
and I find

I love my job
one fall

Merilee said...

Emily that had to have taken more than 2 minutes. I know you are practiced and all, but c'mon that is way too good.