Girl formerly known as a Bogle

I've been tagged by good ol' Chelsea P. So enjoy my narcissistic ways. I love interviewing myself!

A...attached or single: attached for 12 years and 5 months to my awesome husband Chris. I got super lucky. He takes good care of me.
B... best friend: I just can't answer that. It's a little too 3rd grade for me. I love all my friends.
C... cake or pie: definitely cake, or sometimes pie.
D... day of choice: I love a good Thursday.
E... essential item: my contacts. I would literally be lost without them.
F... favorite color: Right now it's gray, but I love tons of colors. My fave changes frequently.
G... gummy bears or worms: neither, they make me gag. It's like eating silly putty.
H... hometown: Chandler AZ
I... indulgence(s): Chipotle burritos
J ...January or July: Do I really even need to answer that?
K... kids? B-man 11, Maser 9, and Sida 7
L... life is incomplete without: all my family
M... marriage date: August 18th 1995
N ...number of siblings: 4 sisters. Monique, Elise, Emily, and Megan. 5 brothers. Bobby, Jaimie, Tom, Chris, and Ty. I love all their guts!
O... oranges or apples: Apples in September and October. Oranges Nov-January.
P ...phobias or fears: I don't have any phobias, but my fear makes up for it. I'm afraid to do anything for the first time. I have to force myself to try anything new. I do hate scary movies too. I haven't watched one in years. Is that a phobia?
Q... quotes: I love the Walt Whitman quote at the bottom of my blog. I'm sorry to say, I need the reminder.
R... reason to smile: Sunny days, witty friends, silly family, good memories, and obnoxiously loud music.
S ...season: Summer & fall
T... tag three friends: Anybody who has laid their eyes on this post.
U ...unknown fact about me: check back later. I'm still thinking.
V ...very favorite store: Nesting on Main in Concord Mass. It's the best store I've been in so far, but believe you me, I'm still checking all the rest just in case I find a better one.
W... worst habit: being lazy
X... x-ray or ultrasound: Huh? Who cares? Dang X!
Y... your favorite food: I've said it once and I'll say it again... burritos of any kind!
Z... zodiac: libra, Apparently I'm diplomatic, indecisive, urbane, romantic, gullible, easygoing, easily influenced, sociable, idealistic, and self indulgent. You can choose the ones that best fit.


megan said...

i guess i better get to doing this as well

Darilyn said...

That's the best picture yet!

Chelsea said...

You still are a Bogle...I should have re worded that! :) Thanks for humoring me! I really love these silly tags because you learn so much about people. And I LOVE your quote. That rocks. You want to come over for burrito's tonight?! :)

Bridget said...

If A is right then M is wrong. If M is right then A is wrong.

Don't you love obnoxious friends like me?

Merilee said...

Chelsea, I'll do whatever you ask of me and What time should I be there for burritos?

Bridget, I knew something was off but my math skills are severely lacking. It's been 12 years! And yes, I do love friends like you.

Aundrea said...

I think that's the best picture so far too:) I always like to learn new things about my girl Merilee!

Mahina said...

great photo! that's a side of you i haven't seen yet!

that was fun to dig deeper into the soul of merilee! thanks!

Chelsea said...

5 sound good?! :)

brenda said...

So fun, thanks! I'm loving your playlist right now.

Stephanie said...

Everytime you mention something on your blog I have to have it. First it was the Origins stuff (which I LOVE by the way) and now it's a burrito! Jake will be happy to know that we're going out to dinner tonight!

Natalie said...

It is wierd that Tom's fav color is gray too. When we got married I didn't even think it was a color. I know it is a color but it is wierd that it is your favorite color. Its not even really a color.

ducklips said...

Ok, so I don't have the greatest math skills, but how are A and M off?

I love the list and especially the quote. That's a good one for all of us to remember.

Sheri said...

to know you is to love you

Jodi said...

This was fun to read. I always love your sarcasm and wit! Haven't known you all that long but MAN do I love ya...you make me smile :)

Rochelle said...

I love the photo! I love "R" and I am also a Libra! This was fun to read!

Chelle said...

I'm wracking my brain and I cannot figure out what you would love about Thursdays, please fill me in.

Elizabeth said...

Your picture totally matches your astrology sign. I have two Libra sisters, so I would know. They're the best!