And my head aches

The Decemberists show last night was so much fun. I actually thought it started out a tiny bit slow. I was getting a little worried. I would have never expected their show to be boring. About half way through they seriously redeemed themselves. It must just take them a while to get warmed up or something. They started getting the crowd involved ( yes, It got very silly). It was awesome! There was some singing and raindrop fingers involved. There was also a little running in place and crowd surfing. A lot of la da da da daing. You know, all the usual. I was surprised how many of the songs I didn't know. I am apparently missing an album or two.

Love this video. Colin dedicated it to Mitt Romney last night. Very controversial! Well maybe not in Portland, but it would have been with my family.
I have to say one of the best things about the concert was just watching what Colin Meloy does with his mouth when he sings. It is so bazaar! I guess that's how he gets all those awesome sounds to come out though. I also just love all the crazy stories they set to music. You get pulled into a miniature epic with every song. So cool! The whole band was very funky and fun to watch. Especially the accordion/keyboard player.
Brenda, I'm dying to hear all your opinions!
Megan, I bought Catcher a little Decemberists t-shirt. It's so cute.
Doesn't Colin Meloy kind of remind you of Nathan Rawlins?


Chris C said...

Ha ha... we posted the same thing at the same time. I guess it was destiny that we ended up together. Our minds think alike.

Wait... no they don't, they really don't.

Bridget said...

Do I dare ask how that dude reminds you of my husband??

Elizabeth said...

I've never heard of this group before. Sounds fun and funky!

Boston's blog said...

chek out my blog people

megan said...

thanks Mer! We are excited for Catcher to have a decemberists shirt! We want to see them so badly. Thats funny that they have baby shirts. I'm glad it was awesome. Why did they dedicate that song to Mitt Romney?

Merilee said...

Bridget, I just think they kind of look alike. Mind you he does not usually look like he does in this video. He's not so angry and smug!

Megan, my take is that they think conservatives are closed minded bullies. Oregon seems to be big on the baby shirts right now. I was going to get him a voodoo donuts shirt too. I ran out of cash, but I want Catcher to feel right at home here.

Chelsea said...

Your family has always been so "hip" with the cool music. How fun to go to a concert! I think my last one was Kelly Clarkson...stop laughing at me. I have sensitive feelings!

reuben said...

oh so it was just the republican/conservative thing is wasn't directed only towards Mit Romney. I just wondered what they had against only him

brenda said...

We LOVED the show. Still behind slightly on sleep, but I've been humming their songs for the last couple of days. It's funny how you maybe just like a band, but then see them live and LOVE them. Feel committed for life. That's how that show was for me. Mike gives it two thumbs up.

I thought Colin was hilarious!! (Maybe that's why he reminds you of Nathan, the witty intellectual--[it's TOTALLY a compliment, Bridget]). Like when he asked if anyone was thirsty, and the keyboard girl politely handed a waterbottle to someone in the audience, and Colin said, "That's not the rock and roll way," then he opened a bottle and shook it on everyone, then threw the bottle and cap, then pretended to second-guess himself and said "watch out for the cap," and asked if everyone was okay. He sort of satirizes yet embodies the rock-n-roll image. He may be an intellectual storyteller, but he is also is a true performer. And he ROCKS on guitar. But I was sad about how the vocals were so low (b/c I LOVE his voice), and the bass a little high. Was it that way for you?

From my perch on the bench (which I know you guys were secretly jealous of) I had such a great view of the super-talented keyboard girl (who I'm sure has a name). Watching her was worth my time and money. Amazing.

Oh, actually, about the money (ha ha), I WON the tickets on a blog giveaway. Google Lizzy Dishes Portland, or it's on my blogroll.
Thank you, Lizzy!!!

Bridget said...

Go Brenda with the blogging giveaway! You are one savvy blogger for just recently having your blogging training wheels on. Impressive. Also you are a rock star yourself so I totally trust your opinion on this band. I am so out of it. I had never heard of them.

Aundrea said...

I'm glad they came back for ya, after their show was cancelled awhile back;) Glad you had fun!