I'm shaking my fist at all you taggers!

It's not that I don't love to talk about myself and all.  It's just too hard to think of interesting things to say when put on the spot like this.  I'll try it though.

1.  I am always cold!  do not ask me if I need the A/C on.  I assure you I do not.  You can also feel free to always crank the heater as high as you fancy when I am around.  I love 100 degree weather and can't wait for my AZ trips so I can thaw from my eternal OR frost bite.

2.  I believe ice is a dessert and since it is harmless in the calorie department,  I eat it constantly.  My favorite thing about owning my own home is the crushed ice setting on my freezer door!( this may contribute to #1)

3.  I love my hair, and  I will spend a lot of money on my hair products, so there!  My sisters can make fun of me for spending a small fortune on my shampoo, but I know deep down it is all worth it.  Bumble&Bumble for those of you that want fabulous hair.

4. I am not, I repeat NOT a clean freak!  My house is plenty messy, but I do have to have a place for everything.  If I need my house to be clean I know exactly where each little thing will go.  I do have one thing that has to be clean... my washer & dryer!  I don not like dust or trash or lint or coins or anything on the top of them.  And no dirt or sand in all the little crannies either.

5.  Not always, but when I'm getting dressed up or going out for a night on the town,  I do this.  I get dressed in my outfit then do my hair, then I think to myself   "I need to add my crazy"  just a little something to make myself not look normal.  Then I add something.

6.  I am a terrible board game player.  Because of this I do not particularly like to play them.  It is mostly the strategic games I stink at.  My brain does not work that way. 

There you go.  I am not tagging anyone.  These are too painful to spread!


Sheri said...

Evan & I are totally diggin' the music on your blog - we are dancing as I write this :)

I especially liked #3 & #4. To know you is to love you.

Darilyn said...

I LOVE this. I learned so many things about you. Well, maybe I shouldn't exaggerate. I learned a FEW new things. My favorite part is "I need to add my crazy" that is such a Merilee comment. And I don't care for any kind of strategy game either. The other night we were playing a strategy game with the Smiths and they all beat me. I only played it because It would have been weird if I didn't.

Bridget said...

Ice? Dessert??? Can I introduce you to chocolate? You poor soul.

I love your "add my crazy" too. That is so funny. I need a little crazy in my wardrobe. Will you help me with that?

Mahina said...

i need your help "adding my crazy"! my wardrobe is so boring! as you read on my it diva post, it is probably because i hate to clothing shop for myself!


megan said...

oh no I completely understand spending "too much" money on my hair. I am so with you on that one. What are your "little crazies?" I don't really like playing board games either. I mostly just end up cheating so that the game is more fun for myself. I on the other hand prefer strategy games and I don't like creative games where I have to make things up, like Balderdash.

Stephanie said...

I absolutly love your hair, so it's comforting to know that it doesn't come completely naturally. Maybe there is hope for mine after all!

Natalie said...

I already thought you were the "little crazy":)