I don't want to be one of the 9!

I havn't posted any of my grateful fors yet.  I have a lot of them and this year I have kind of been focusing on the little things.  So as not to be an ungrateful leper, I thought I would express my thanks.

I am thankful for...

bright orange skies

my husband's smile

sunny days

thick, squishy blankets

fast internet

chipping paint

colors so rich you can feel them deep in your skin

running water (after sacrament meeting today)

my children's jokes

gut laughter

homemade meals

ruffles (not the chips)

and the smell of old books

There now, there's a few things I'm thankful for this holiday season.


Mahina said...

i guess mitch's talk along with jen's and sean's really hit a chord with you! great list!

hey what is the first photo a picture of? i can't figure it out! i love the second picture with the chipped paint. very artistic!

Merilee said...

It's a painting of a sunny day.

Elizabeth said...

What a great list! I'm with you on the old books. That is probably my favorite smell of all time.

Sheri said...

Nice list. I'm feeling a little bad that I only listed 3 things I'm thankful for on my blog. Thanks for the guilt Merilee. (j/k :))

Jodi said...

Great list...I especially love 'gut laughter'!

ducklips said...

wonderful list. You are officially not one of the 9.

Where is that door? I love it! I also love the sunny day. There is something so warm about yellow.

Merilee said...

I stole both of those pics off of google.

Bridget said...

I love the gut laughter and your description of great color. You definitely have an artisitic eye. Ok, two if you're being technical.

megan said...

what are yours and Chris' shoe sizes?

Merilee said...

Boy, you are getting quite personal aren't you? I wear a 9. Chris 10.5.