Day 2

I'm bored with this story already. I don't think I have ADHD! Here is a fun times in AZ list instead.

Seeing my entire fam (almost).

Being a little too loud in the echoing cave. We call it the kitchen at the church! (sorry)

Watching all the little cousins boogy.

Kas doing the worm!

Hearing my little sister swear at my big sister and then swearing at my little sister for just swearing.(That really wasn't so fun at the time, but it sure is funny now)

Eating grapefruit and pecans right off my mom's trees.

dipping 750 red cupcakes in frosting with my sibs & friends, and then eating like half of them!

Joni trying to force feed me children's Benodryl. Do I look like a 3 year old?This is my kids with Joni's girls.

Laughing my butt off with Meg & Monique. David(Monique's husband) pretending not to listen. Elise where were you?

Talking to Megan in the car in front of me because it was 1:30 am. I was scared she would fall asleep.

Eating pei wei on the green plastic chairs.

Skate park visit. Apparently Emma works at Ford?

Seeing Monique's beautiful new house. It is nice to finally know where my sister lives. Just one more to go, I still need to visit Em.

Breckon and Karsten as shrek and Puss N boots.

My kids being able to play in the water. It was 90 degrees after all.

Cracking sex jokes with my mom, in front of her nurses at the hospital. Did you know too much sex causes kidney stones?(my mom is gonna kill me)!

I know this only makes sense if you were there, sorry!


Darilyn said...

What a fun time with your family.

Bridget said...

What great memories. Especially the swearing part. My grandma was a very dignified, beautiful lady. Think Jane Bleak just older. But she also had a foul mouth and she was hilarious. Love it.

ducklips said...

Your list made me want to cry.
I so would have been there if I didn't have to get my kids to school and me to work in the morning. I am very sad I missed the giggle fest. Those are my fave.

It was so fun having you guys here. I miss you already.

jaust.me said...

Yes, Elise, that 1 am giggle fest did take place at MY HOUSE and I did have to get my kids and self to school in the morning. There is nothing like a week with 2 days of 4 hours of sleep.

Mer, I missed the skate park. Why does Emma work at Ford?

I do not enjoy being sworn at, but I do love my little sisters and understand that I was cranky and bossy.

I really need a job that involves me getting paid to take care of my family. Perhaps then, I would not be so cranky.

It was fun. We miss you guys so much.

Megan, If you move to Oregon, I will hunt you down and mess you up.

Merilee said...

Mo-this is why Emma works at Ford.
She wanted to be the sponsor of the boys at the skate park. She asked what kind of shoes they were wearing. I said "Vans". She said "what kind of Van"? I said "Ford". So the rest of the time Emma was the rep from Ford, checking to see if the boys were worthy of her sponsorship. It was pretty funny.

Sheri said...

That's what I love about family - being able to totally be yourself and not worrying/caring about being judged. It sounds like you had a great time!

Mahina said...

750 cupcakes?? are you serious??!

sex and kidney stones, i never knew! good to know!

i love your list.

Brian said...

Again, day 2 and still no phone call. Hmmmm... I can't wait to see what day 3 brings. I wonder if a call to Kim and Brian is in store????

ducklips said...

Oh come on Brian, you guys never even answer the phone.;)

KrisBo said...

that picture i took of the kids on stage turned out so friggin cute!! i wish i had gotten to see mroe of all of you!

jaust.me said...

I love how my kid is so oblivious in her intelligence.

Mahina-For our mom, 750 cupcakes was just the beginning. These were all bite-size, but they went along with 1000 (yes, 3 zeros) lemon bars, 1000, Mexican wedding cookies, and 1000 rice crispy treats. That's just the kind of mom we've got!

MLL said...

I hope you didn't eat allllll those treats-you'd get fat, but, as I tell my husband, we're all married, what do we care if we get fat?

Aundrea said...

I'm glad you had so much fun with your family. I'm ready to see all mine now, and looking forward to the late night laugh fests!

Rochelle said...

Ok were the cupcakes, rice crispy treats, lemon bars and wedding cookies all at the same party or is this over the years? Thats like 4000 treats and goodies! WOW!
Seriously I need the answer to this question...

Merilee said...

They were all for my little brother's wedding reception.

Jodi said...

What a fun trip! Aundrea's right...your 'family fun' makes me excited to spend some time with my family over Thanksgiving.

Emily said...

Hahahahaha! Did you swear at me? I liked throwing grapes (ok, grape) at Mo. My students loved all the left-overs. You swore at me? You'd think I'd remember. Well, that's just how we roll! Good times. Wish I had more time, but I could NOT do all my b-day shopping at Wal-mart.