The Northwest rules!

This past week our family has lived like spoiled little boogers. Except for some scary hotels here and there.
We got to go to Orcas Island and party. Then we got to go do some hard core dunin' Bro (that was for you Megs). Here's some pics.

This cracks me up. I know the photo is fuzzy but it is just so accurate. Sid was yelling "slow down" the entire time she was on that silly sled. She was barely moving.

Bos kept taking off too fast. I never got a good picture of him. He was rockin' it though.

Sid and Lincoln.

Mas the stud muffin!

This shot freaks me out a little. Sid looks way too fourteen.

Is this not the cutest face you've ever seen?

Oop, here it is again in Black & white. I like this better.

Zach and my kids. We forced them to climb those poles like 50 times!

Bos was totally playing that up. I think Sid made it up that rope in 3 seconds.


Darilyn said...

Fun times. That picture of Sid is hilarious especially considering what her shirt says.

Aundrea said...

Mason's face is pretty darn cute! I'll have to show Logan this entry and talk him up:) Arranged marriages could be the wave of the future!

megan said...

Yeah bro! oooohhhh I love the pictures. I'm with Monique (comment on your last blog) I think it is time for a visit, even though I just saw your family like a month and a half ago. You guys seem to always have so much fun!

Sarah said...

Wow! What a blast! I want to go! I love sand dunes. I haven't done that since high school! Everything you did looks Awesome! Your kids are so so cute!

Rochelle said...

The Northwest does rule! I love the picture of the kids on the posts! Way to go miss photographer!

Rochelle said...

The Northwest does rule! I love the picture of the kids on the posts! Way to go miss photographer!

Jodi said...

Jamie and I camped on Orcas Island years ago (before children). Man...it is beeeeeeautiful up there!

You seriously have the COOLEST kids around! And I agree...that is one CUTE face :)

ducklips said...

I love that pic of the kids on the poles too. Looks like such a fun trip. I'm glad you have something new up cuz I was gonna rag on you for calling Meg and demanding a new post with your old one still up.

I love reading about all your fun summer adventures and I am more than just a little jealous.

Sheri said...

You guys have so much fun.

Syd does look older in that picture, but not very cheerful.

Elizabeth said...

What fun you guys always have! I love the pictures, and I love the San Juan Islands!

bogle.chris@gmail.com said...

Did you forget to call your little brother?

brenda said...

I want to replicate this trip, too! I'd love to hear more details.

We had fun in Seattle--Sam LOVED the music experience. (We're now shopping for an electric guitar.)

Love your pictures. Your kids have character!