Road Trip

We just got back from our Seattle trip. Since we decided to scrap our East Coast trip we thought we would take the kids to see the Red Sox play when they came to Seattle. It was really cool to see the game. All 12 innings! We certainly got our money's worth. We were all rooting for the Sox but I tell you what, it was awesome watching Ichiro (Mariner's player for you non-baseballers) play. We sat center field and were so close to where Ichiro caught a home run ball over the fence. It looks so easy on TV, not so much in real life. We also got to see the left fielder( I think it was J.D. Drew) for the Sox totally dominate. He could have played the entire field. Actually, I think he did. OK sorry, that's enough baseball.

The following day we hit the Explore Music Project. It's a super cool music museum. Jimmy Hendrix history is a big part of it all and we could not tear Mason away. I knew he was a classic rock fan but sheesh. He could have stayed in the J. H. video room all day.

Right outside the museum are some carnival rides. An insider told us that this was probably the last year they would remain so we took full advantage. That rocking viking ship is a doosy!

After we made it back to the hotel,

took these

swimming. While I attempted to go shopping. I eventually found the store I was looking for but I only had time for that one. And I'm not telling what store because they have very limited clearance and I want it all.

We had a great trip. Luckily Chris knows a family of locals that were cool enough to hang out with us and tell us about all the hip stuff to do. Thanks guys!


Aundrea said...

We've been wanting to go to a Mariner's game...they sound like so much fun!

We used to love going on the rides outside of the museum!

Your hotel looks awesome!!

Mahina said...

awww, so fun! i love all of the pictures of your cute kids! they sure look like a very fun bunch!

Darilyn said...

What a fun time! I want to hear more about that store you found.

Chris C said...

I need to clear up a very important piece of the story. J.D. Drew is the left fielder for the Red Sox, however he did NOT dominate. He actually played a very poor game. Jacoby Ellsbury, an Oregon native, played right field. He was the one that dominated - at least on the defensive end. He went 1 for 5 batting. Nice try Merilee. At least you got the name right.
The trip was a blast. Merilee didn't post the picture of the house on fire though! Can't believe it. Maybe I'll add some other photos and some stories as well.

Krista Lou Cook said...

Seattle is so great. I'm glad you had such a good time there, even if you did't get into the o"h so cool that you don't want to share it's name" store :)

ducklips said...

Sounds like a fabulous time. I love the pics of the kids all in their plaid shorts.

Elizabeth said...

Sometimes the trips closest to home are the best!

Sheri said...

I can't believe you won't divulge that name of the store. It's not like I can go there. Sheez.

I love the pictures of your kids.

Natalie said...

Sounds like alot of fun. Cool pic of Chris swimming.

jaust.me said...

Emma really enjoyed the kids all in plaid shors as well. They are so adorable!

Jodi said...

I love Seatle and baseball. Sounds like a perfect trip to me!
When Jamie and I were in Boston we saw the Red Sox play the Mariners. We thought it was funny to fly cross country to see Seatle play.

Your kids are so stinkin' cool. Love all the pictures!

Emily said...

Sounds cool. Sad I missed you while you were here. I just couldn't make it there with enough time.

brenda said...

I was inspired to check your blog today. We're trying to plan a Seattle trip (we have to go for a wedding) and I told Mike ALL I want to do is the experience museum, but didn't know if it would be fun for everyone else. It sounds so cool. I'll have to pick your brain some more.

Great pictures!