What does that word mean to you?
Today I was lucky enough to have a discussion on the subject with some amazing women.
I was asked what my definition of fulfillment is. I don't think I have ever really thought about it.
I am constantly trying to reach something I have never fully defined. Um, Hello?
I think it is a very individual thing. So I'm curious. What is your definition of fulfillment?


Mahina said...

good question...

Bridget said...

So glad you guys all came. That was so "fulfilling" to me!

Aundrea said...

I've never really thought about that either...I guess I think there are different types of fulfillment and different levels. I can feel great about myself in some areas and totally lacking in others.

Elizabeth said...

It's when my toilets are clean, my kids are healthy and happy, I've managed to write a decent scene in my YA novel, and I feel at least a tinge of spirituality during the day. Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't have put toilets first.

Rochelle said...

I'm laughing at Elizabeth's last sentence!
So this is a really good question. Fulfillment for me is when I send my kids off to college and on missions watch them marry in the temple and raise a family. And if none of that stuff happens then fulfillment will be standing before the Lord saying I did my best. I don't think as long as I'm living I will not have completely fulfilled.
But now to throw my whole thought out, I feel fulfilled when I finish reading the Book of Morman... Hmm I'm sure there are more times than that when I fill fulfilled.

jaust.me said...

Wait a second, fulfillment doesn't just mean busy?

Emily said...

A crooked smile on my face
Mud between my toes
little hands tucked inside of mine
sore muscles in my legs
A spark of understanding in another's eyes
the last lines of a good novel
All of this at once might be overload

Sheri said...

Everyone being happy, spiritually and physically fed. Everyone getting along. Yeah, I'm never fullfilled. My life is just full :)

brenda said...

Skiing last night with Sam and Sydney, I just thought: Is this Me? Are these big children really mine? I never pictured myself having a great time with my own partially-grown-up kids, where we are on the same level, loving the same kind of fun.

So I'd say fulfillment is life after diapers.
(But before the teen angst years.)