Hi Mom,
I've been thinking a lot about you today. I was thinking about you this morning wanting to call. I'm waiting till later in the day when I know you are not so busy. Then I was thinking about you in relief society when we were encouraged to tell stories about our mothers but I couldn't really raise my hand at the end of class and say "oh yeah well my mom has done all of those things and more" now could I? (except the goat thing. Those in the ward know what I'm taking about). I was also thinking about how you can do absolutely everything even though you always humbly say you can't. But you have proven to all of your kids that you can by your example, so stop trying to tell us that you are not all that amazing. You really are!

I've seen you raise ten kids while dancing through it.
I've seen you plant amazing gardens.
I've seen you attend church meetings like nothing else mattered.
I've seen you sew gowns princesses would die for.
I've seen you be heartbroken and love us anyway.
I've seen you prepare the best meals on earth.
I've seen you laughing your guts out.
I've seen you pirouette across the entire family room and then throw a leap in just for fun.
I've seen you serve tirelessly even when you are completely exhausted.
I've seen you make meat out of something that was NOT meat.
I've seen you love every single grandkid you've got. How many is that now?
I've seen you talking with Heavenly Father daily.
I've seen you make family&the gospel the absolute first priority in your life.
I've seen you helping with talent shows, fashion shows, roadshows, school board meetings, pack meetings, relief society meetings, weddings, funerals, baptisms, birthday parties, home ec projects, carpools, temple work, primary, football games, college tuition, mission farewells, charity balls, geography bees, violin recitals, piano practice, photography sessions, art exhibits, lost puppies, mowing the lawn, corralling runaway horses, broken bones, filling cupboards, setting up tents,
(oh my word, what did I get myself in to?) musical numbers, boyfriend/girlfriend troubles, softball practice, testimonies, graduations, house cleaning, tickle fights, decorating cookies, feeding fallen birds, scraped knees, making lemonade, water fights, and a billion trillion more.

Thank you Mom for giving me such an awesome example to follow. You truly can do it all.

I just thought this photo was hilarious.


megan said...

It's true! Mom is the greatest ever!

Darilyn said...

I about died when I saw you had posted something. And I loved reading every bit of it. That is a great picture.

Jodi said...

What a sweet, sweet tribute to your mom. She sounds amazing.

Fulton said...

I was so happy to see a new post. Hooray Merilee! Then I read it and it made me so happy I cried. We are so blessed to have such an amazing mom. I was at Grandma's house today and she was saying how incredible Mom is. She really had tears in her eyes while saying she is an angel. She is sooooo.... right.

ducklips said...

Oops, that was me.

brenda said...

How beautiful. She must be so proud of you, too. Which one are you in the photo? Child in the center?

Great job today on the healthy cooking class. I feel inspired to do better on the fresh produce. See you at the farmer's market! ")

KrisBo said...

I have been waiting foreer for you to post something new, this was probably the best post you could have posted after waiting so long. It is all so true..

jaust.me said...

Yay, Mer's back! What a fitting tribute to our awesome Mom. Looking at the silly pic, you can see how much I lean on her.

NanaB said...

how did I miss this? I am dripping with tears at your tribute. I am trying to figure out how to post a picture on my blog. Monique has shown me how , Megan has shown me how and Elise has shown me how and it still comes up that there is a problem. If I could do all the things you said I could do, why can't I post a dumb picture. Actually the pic is not dumb. It is of your kids and Megan working in the garden. Any way , thank you for all the nice things you said. If I know anything about being a mom, I learned it from my mom, and Relief Society. Thank you for being a darling daughter. I love your blogs and have missed them. You ability to express yourself is amazing.Keep it up dear one!