This is going to be a long list

I'm thankful for...

My mom. She's a dang saint, I swear.

All the amazing people that visit my Dad to read to him or help with his speech therapy or
just give my Mom some free time.

I'm thankful for that one time Tom came over and sifted my contact
out of my sink drain with a pair of nylons.

I'm thankful for Nick helping us out with our Jeep.

Indoor volleyball that keeps my kids busy.

homemade cranberry orange sorbet.

18 more months.

Joyce because she truly loves my kids.

Boston because he is trying hard to keep the
lines of communication open even though that has always been very hard for him.

Mason because he is still helping me to get past my dislike of hugs.

Sidney because she always reminds us of FHE and prayer time.

Sunny skies.

one very warm pair of black Ugg boots

hilarious friends. The ones I see all the time and the ones I don't see too often.

My husband's closed mouth smile.

Incredibly frank discussions.

my stapling and question asking skills. ( Elise, what was that last skill again? I forgot.)

long phone conversations with my sisters.


Heavenly Father.

President Thomas S Monson.

The holy ghost.

My family's health.

Singular. Helps keep Mason and Sid's asthma under control.

President Dalton.

good music.

Should I keep going. I don't want to bore you to death. I'm feeling very grateful these days. I think you get the idea. I'll stop here.


Bridget said...

what the??? Nathan made cranberry orange sorbet for Thansgiving! Weird.

Sara said...

This time of year always makes me happy and thankful for what I have too, I love the holidays a ton!

Mahina said...

i love that you are thankful for dirt! since moving to abq, dirt doesn't bother me as much as it used to because the girls get dirt on them all the time. but it menas that they are outside playing in it at the end of november and not having to be inside all day!

i guess dirt really is a good thing!

Darilyn said...

Hey, I was missing you like crazy yesterday. I just got online for the first time today. We are heading home tonight. I'll call you on the way at sometime in the middle of the night (jk).

I"m thankful for your leftovers for lunch. Have anything good for this next week?

Sarah said...

What a great list!

Sheri said...

Dirt was my favorite. Because really, I think you are alone there.

Stephen said...

That is a great list Mer. Long, but great. I was talking with Elise the other day and I said I really miss Mer and Chris. Just so much fun to talk with.

Rochelle said...

I can't believe President Dalton is still Pres! Please tell we think of them often and love him! I loved your list!

Elizabeth said...

Love the list! I didn't know you didn't like hugs. I'll just shake your hand next time. :-)

Brian said...

Oh Mer, guess what you are getting the next time I see you?? YEP, the biggest hug that you have ever seen!! You REALLY shouldn't have mentioned that. I cannot wait until I see you!!!

shanda said...

how about a list of what you want for christmas? =)

brenda said...

I am SO going to hug you next time I see you. I'm always trying to help Sam with his dislike of hugs. I'm so jealous Mason wants to hug you.

I am thankful for Merilee and her playlist and her open-and-honest blog.

ericandjanine said...

MERILEE!!!! I have been dreaming and craving that delicious dinner that you brought when the baby was born! It was the roasted stuffed peppers with yummy stuff like tomatoes and jalapenos etc. and then your homemade mac and cheese! Would you PLEASE send me the recipe? It would put my mind and cravings at ease. My email is ej_grover@hotmail.com