Parent Day

Long lunch lines
spastic boys
multiplication quizzes
slideshow presentations
Whale poetry

That is what my day looked like today. I actually voluntarily chose this. What was I thinking?

I did it all for Boston. I know he loves( or tries to torture) me because he asked if I would meet him at school for Bring Your Parents to School Day. I met him for lunch and then stayed for a few classes. The list above are the highlights. I now remember why I never liked school. Don't tell Boss. I told him it was fun. Actually it was fun to watch him and see how he interacts at school. It was awesome to see how eager he is to participate in class. He was definitely a little pesky with his me firsts and I'll do its with his hand bobbling in the air.

In art we got to draw portraits of each other. Doesn't that look just like him?


Sheri said...

I think it's cool that he wanted you to come. I always enjoy watching my kids in other environments...or sometimes I don't exactly "enjoy" it, but it's always interesting :)

Aundrea said...

I think it's awesome that he wanted you there and it's so cool that you went! Middle school would bring back weird memories for me...was it like going back in time?

Rochelle said...

I think that is so great! And that is the best picture ever! PRICELESS!

Chelle said...

I can see you there secretly getting a kick out of it but also very much wanting to be somewhere else.

That really is cool he wanted you there. What a great age.

Kim said...

I think it's cool that he wanted you to come. Isn't he about the age where kids typically become embarrassed to be seen with mom and dad?

Elizabeth said...

Diane Gibson told me about parents day, too. It sounds like a rite of passage for parents as well as teens. Boston is cool!

Sarah said...

I too think it's cool that he wanted you to go. I love that first pic by the way.

Jodi said...

A middle school kid that WANTS his Mom to go to school with him for the day?? You must have one special kid!! Looks like fun. Kindof.

Natalie said...

I think it is a cool idea for Parents Go to School Day. It would be neat to see Bos in action.